New Landscape Images Now Added To Spool Photography

Just finished adding 3 new landscape images to the website as well as adding a new search box feature to the website. In the top right hand corner now on every page within the website you can now add a search term or word and the corresponding images with now be shown in an easy display. So enter the word beach and all my landscape image of the beach will show up, search the term USA and all my USA images will now load into an easy display.

The 3 new landscape images are from Australia and 1 from the USA Lake Tahoe. The new Australian landscapes are from Tasmania and the Horseshoe Falls and Victoria and the Gibson Steps along the Great Ocean Road

Also be sure to bookmark my now main landscape photography blog site ….

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Do you get requests for free photographs or services?

I know I am always fielding emails asking for use of an image here or there for free. Sometimes the only offer given to myself is credit for the photograph used. I will have to say though I have never given away my photography for free or image credit alongside the image.
If you find responding to the same requests difficult and sometimes very time consuming then here is something I think EVERY photographer no matter how well known or UNknown should use and add their name to the list.
Please have a read of this blog page and take into consideration the use of the wording and adding strength to the list by adding your name …
Thanks to Tony for writting this clear response to the question I am sure we all get asked and wonder how we should respond …

Links below

Tonys Blog Article

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Paynes Find Lake

As this blog is now not getting any new posts I have entered a new blog post over at about a lake we found while scouting for wild flowers a few hours north of perth …


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Stirling Ranges Western Australia

 New blog post on the main blog … as I am no longer posting to this blog, please head over to and sign up for a subscription by email and receive an email when I post new blog postings …


Stirling Ranges Western Australia.

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Seasons Flow

New blog post and image over at my main blog …

Seasons Flow.

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One of the longest most indepth blog posts I have done in a long time …

As you know by now one of my favourite photographers is Ansel Adams the more I look at his work the more I see how freakin good he was … There are landscape prints of his I look at and wonder why is this so compelling good, why and how does he make these black and white images just jump off the page … The answer may lie in the tones and his use of the zones. A lot of Black & White photography is just that Black & White and for me that just not what it is about. For me its all about the grey tones, and the use of different shades grey to build depth and interest … With this in mind I thought I would try my hand at a Black & White Antique looking landscape photograph ….

Yosemite National Park Granite Cliffs

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New Forest Landscape Image

Sory folks but my last blog post was over at my other blog …. Been playing around with zones and tones and came up with a little shot of some tall redwoods now posted on the other blog … Working Within Black & White Tones … A work in progress …

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Weano Gorge After The Rains

After the rains and back from a brief visit to one of Western Australia’s most scenic landscape photography locations, Karijini National Park … After a very good wet season up north I was very much trying to get up there to see the area before it starts to dry out. As I was up there last year when conditions where drier because of a poor wet season, I knew I had to get up there this year as it could be another years wait and the chance of a poor wet season could delay it maybe even a year longer …

I remember standing in this pretty much exact location last year and then again this year and thinking wow this place has changed … What a difference a little better light and a lot of rain later makes …

My take on a familiar spot inside the National Park … Weano Gorge ….

Please feel free to bookmark my landscape blog, now my main landscape photography blog at

Available in many sizes at the Weano Gorge Page

weano gorge

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Back from Karijini National Park

With a fist full of new landscape images from the area and the colours and landscape this year being so much different than last year the images I feel better reflect the true feeling of the Pilbara and the north of our state Western Australia.

The first of which is now posted on the blog at


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Injidup Beach Cape Naturaliste

A simple 3 image stich of one of the stunning beaches scenes one can find in the South West coastline of Western Australia … Without a cloud in the sky I think there must of been some haze on the horizon as the sunset itself was very mild and full of colour on this evening, where usually these type of clear evening produce nothing, this particular evening was a little different … One of my favourite images that I have taken in quite a while … Also viewable on my landscape photography site …. under Injidup Beach Cape Naturaliste

This blog will still get regular updates each month but the majority of my new landscape photography will now be posted over at my ….

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New Landscape Photography Site Now Live

Well its been a long time coming with countless hours planning, drafting, and reworking some older images with todays knowledge as well as reworking every single thumbnail preview in each size to ensure I produced the very best representation of the final product I could. Not scripts, no on the fly resizing, all hand done one at a time.

A good byproduct was the time it gave me to really go over everything I have done and be as harsh as I could on every image with the end result being the culling of 100’s of images. Some tough to do others easy, they had to go. Plus we have a new logo deciding to add my full name to the mix was something I fought against and lost ….

In the end the new improved landscape photography site of mine is now live with my best images in the best possible display on any website I have seen.

Thanks to Dave and the team and Clever Starfish, we had our set backs and delays but I am very happy with the results and you guys have done another amazing job …

With many improvements in design, speed, clarity, logo, branding and a much improved “In Your Home” feature the new website is a lot easier to browse and select the prints you like. Below are a few screen shots of the the new site … With the launch of the new improved site I will be posting a majority of the blog posts on so please feel free to bookmark that site for regular landscape photography updates …

This wordpress blog will continue to remain active with a few postings each month as well … April should be a good month for new blog posts as I will have some new images in the pipeline …

Check out the full site for a complete listing of all my images available for purchase …

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Sugarloaf Rock Leeuwin Cape Naturaliste

Sugarloaf Rock – Revisited

One of the locations on my to do list (blue dots google maps, of which it would take more than a lifetime to complete) is Sugarloaf Rock in the Southwest of Western Australia. I first shot this location over 3 years ago one evening and the following morning. Since then I have reshot this location a few times in quite different conditions. A week or so ago I made another screaming trip south to for the night. I had not planned on visiting Suagrloaf Rock this visit but reading the clouds and winds I found myself back there again waiting and hoping for some nice filtered light …

Well at first the clouds looked like they would pass right overhead before sunset and that they did, so it looked like yet another wash out. As I was texting back and forth to someone about the conditions at the time (nothing ventured nothing gain) another band of cloud came on in and provided some filtered light … With my location pinned down I just waited and waited for the right time … Joined by a zillion mozzies and one lizard we had Sugarloaf to ourselves again … Later that evening a thunderstorm was brewing over the ocean with flashes of lightning. I never managed to capture any of that as each time I set up it started to rain, so back into the car for a very hot humid and crap nights sleep …


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Lucky Bay Beach Esperance

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to do a flying 3 day visit to Esperance with a few fellow photographers, Flemming Bo Jensen, Antony Spencer and Christian Fletcher. Here is another shot from one of the best beaches in the area Lucky Bay Beach, Esperance. With miles of white sandy beaches and clear water I was looking to try and find a spot that I could photograph a different view of this breathtaking beach. What helped a lot was the amazing sunset we where treated to that evening …

My new website is coming soon, I finished redoing all the images for the site earlier this week, now I am just waiting on my tech team to attach the new layout to the database I have completed updated and it should be a go … I was hoping for this week, but that looks shot, so fingers crossed next week …

Today I have been playing with some files from a shoot last week with the 50mm Zeiss f/2 lens  … WOW!!!

Lights Beach Esperance

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Australian Owls

Something a little different for me to post to break up the landscape images is a couple of images of our recent house guests. Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying the very close quarters with 3 Owls, sometimes just a mere 4-6 feet away from us perched overhead on the sun sail over the outdoor table.

Until recently there was a noise in the backyard I though was just some bird. Each evening I’d hear this calling and thought man that bird should be sleeping already. Well not until a few weeks ago when our 3 Owls showed there full presence and started calling that I finally put 2 + 2 together and realized they had been in our yard now for at least 2 plus months. I have not seen any nest but do believe they are a breeding pair with their yearly offspring. My daughter just shy of 2 just loves them and is now always looking in the trees to spot them first. This morning for the first morning they are not to be seen, I hope they come back, but maybe there parenting duties are over and we’ll have to wait to next year … Either way it was nice to have them around for a period …

If Dave Bettini is around, Dave I would love to know a little more about these Owls and the correct name for them … Cheers Neal

Here is a couple of quick pics taken during the week. Not the most perfect shots with a couple of blown highlights in one that could be cloned out, but hey its all about the Owls … shot on my 70-200 f/2.8 lens which is for sale by the way for $1450 ….

Next up on the blog back to some landscapes and a photograph from Western Australia …

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Yosemite’s Half Dome

The Majestic Half Dome

Since a ton of photographer friends are heading to Yosemite the next couple of weeks to catch this years Firetail (I had been told of one report there was over 100 photographers lined up at one vantage point)… I thought I pull an image slated for the new site release later or early next week and post it to the blog …

I only wish there was more technical data available as to Ansel Adams post production methods.

Half Dome inside Yosemite National Park … Truly an awe inspiring American Landscape with photographic opportunities at every turn and view …

Next up a family of Owls living in my backyard ….

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