Natural Arch

Easily the hardest thing I have ever tried to photograph. I just wish this place was a little closer to home as I’d really like to give this area another go around one day soon.3 Image stitch

Natural Arch

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4 Responses to Natural Arch

  1. Huge does not begin to describe this place, your in a virtually pitch black cave looking out at a hole that has white water pouring through.

    Although I do think that the more water that is coming through the harder to photograph, next time maybe Qld will not be so wet and I can make it up there a little earlier in the day. Its only 40ms inland from the gold coast and I figured a hr would be god to get me there. MISTAKE, it was raining al morning and the roads where very slow it took me near on 2 hrs to get there, but I did stop of twice to take shots on the way up of the valley, so maybe 75-90mins would of ben the actual drive time.

    I look forward to going back one day.

  2. dylanfox says:

    would it work better as an HDR?
    I’m yet to do an HDR, but I dont have photomatix anyway.

  3. Yeah it may work better with a HDR treatment, but for me I am yet to see a really god example of a hdr image that looks totally natural, at this stage I do not do any hdr.

    This image is just a 3 image blend with 2 stop increments between each one and even then I had to tried a few things t tone down the water exposure. The main problem I see is the amount of water at present going over the falls. Next time I hope thy is a little less.

  4. James says:

    Nah there is no way you would get that with HDR the dynamic range is huge. I’m guessing thats the Natural Arch in the Numbar Valley?

    I was there the weekend before christmas and boy it was difficult to photograph. The magic will come in the processing, though I think it will be a little on the dark side.

    Nice photos by the way.

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