Morning Blues

Near enough the largest image(file) I have produced so far. 11 image stitch taken at 35 mm . Once stitched the 11 x 16 bit tiffs came in at around 76 inches wide and around 850 mb 

Nod and a wink to Christian for waking us up 😉 

Morning Blues

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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14 Responses to Morning Blues

  1. kirkhille says:

    Thats one huge file 🙂 ,
    My computer strugles with 4 image stitch jobs .
    I think its time to upgrade it lol
    Great shot as well , Where was this taken ?

  2. Taken last weekend in Denmark, there is a ton of places to photograph down there, just such a long ass drive though.

    Are you interested in exchanging blog links?

  3. Dave Catley says:

    Nice image Neal, it has a very calming feel to it.

  4. James says:

    Nice image though 11 images is huge. I bet your machine was hurting, but i bet the detail is superb.

    Nice shot

  5. dylanfox says:

    Nice work.
    I did my first 11 image stitch down at Sugarloaf rock.
    God I need PTGUI!!! haha
    cheers mate

  6. Sounds good Dylan I look forward to seeing the image. When I was dow there I did not feel that location warranted a large stitch and managed to capture what I wanted in 3-5 images. I have several images from that area that I am yet to post, one in particular I really really like but keeping it under wraps till my site is up and running.

    As for PTGui I am still on the fence about it, sometimes it works well for an image other times CS3 does a better job (in my opinion) I have an image from Dunsborough for instance that came up well using PTGui but in CS3 blew me away with the results (yep another image yet to be posted).

    Most important thing I learnt from that Saturday night at Christians Gallery was finding what works for you. Right now I have ben experimenting a lot with focal lengths and stitching and processing techniques with what we all learnt that evening and slowing finding my own format for doing things. I think in the end this gives a little bit more to having your images become more of an extension of what you see and not just a clone of what others may do ….

    I also do not process an image the first time I open it. I may do the stitch and then leave it for days and just come back and view the image several times before I process, I just find it gives me a better idea of where I want to go with the image, that maybe because I have so many shoots to go through at present, that the catch process is going to take me months to complete.

    Again this is just my 2 cents.

  7. kirkhille says:

    Yeah there are lots of great locations down south to photography , I been to busy with work to get down there . Hoping to make Christians next course and probally get a few picutures while Im down there .
    Cheers I put a link for you on my Blog

  8. dylanfox says:

    I have to do things my own way since I still havent got CS3.
    My sugarloaf rock photo was posted on my blog a while ago. It’s on my site under new images if your interested.
    I really need a job, but I want to work at a framers or somewhere related to photography.

  9. Very impressive! I would like to see how this turns out if you ever get it printed… I can’t wait to get down south tomorrow. I just wish I had more time to spend down there.

  10. You can buy one Beau to see it printed 😉 … I’l be getting i printed as a gift for someone next week as a thank you for helping us out with sleeping arrangements in dunsborough.
    Would of liked to have gone south this weekend as well, but have something on tonight and this weekend. Happy shooting down there 🙂

  11. jamiepaterson1 says:

    I’m just stoked as the photo did exactly what it should do for me, it helped me to remember some very pleasant times there. My wife and I went through there on our honeymoon.

  12. James says:

    If you don’t have any money for stitching software, you can use HUGIN. Takes a bit more work than PTGUi and Autopano Pro, but hey, its free.

  13. good to see your new blog Neal, have added a link to mine. Hope you get some good exposure, your shots are looking fantastic.

  14. Thanks Christian for your kind words. I have added a return link.


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