Changing Seasons

On my little excursion down south last week I managed to capture a number of images I am very pleased with. Although not a the nicest of weather that weekend I still feel that some of the images have captured a certain feel of the seasons changing, this one in particular is I am quite fond of. Taken at 35mm with 5 images stitched.


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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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7 Responses to Changing Seasons

  1. Dylan Fox says:

    I love the moody feel about it!
    The cliff way in the background looks awesome with that light on it!
    well done!

  2. kirkhille says:

    Great shot again , Love the light in it as well . It stitched up great with the water flow . I all ways have trouble getting the water to stitch up correctly

  3. Dylan Fox says:

    yeah thats what i always try to do. sometimes nice day shots at the beach are tricky, but if you choose the best day when there is no swell, you shouldn’t have a problem.

  4. That’s a great photo, mate. Looks like it would have been fairly tricky to stitch… I just posted a couple of my Dunsborough photos on my blog if you’re interested..

  5. Thanks Beau,

    I’ll go have a look now.

  6. dylanfox says:

    I think we should try to get to dunsborough sooner rather than later. I’m in melb from 3-13 of may, and there will be a weekend this month where I’m not available (ill find out that date).

  7. jamiepaterson1 says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just give me a date and I’ll make sure the caravan is free. I’m on call every couple of weeks so a date will help me plan things. I really want to get a great sunset shot of Hamelin Bay and the old jetty down there.

    Jamie Paterson

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