Lake Tahoe

Well not much to report on the blog last few days, busy catching up with lots of filling and preparation for the web site in just a few weeks now. Was chatting to a fellow photographer in Lake Tahoe telling me how nice it is there right now as spring has arrived the days a little warmer an the snow melt in season, made me wish I was there right now, but alas we must wait a few more weeks till I get my chance again to breath the high altitude crisp air and those ICE cold mornings.

I was going over some shots I took last year of the area and found this little gem I think is my favorite of the trip there.  It was taken round sunset as per usual with a few other photographers down from Carson City for the evening (so lucky they live so close) We where al focusing pretty much in the same area till I spotted this little tree clinging to life from the cracks in the granite. So I called it Life.

Life II

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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6 Responses to Lake Tahoe

  1. Dylan Fox says:

    This is a gem!
    what states this in?

  2. Well that really depends on what rock your standing on ….

    Well not exactly but damn near close, its pretty much right on the Californian / Nevada border. This particular evening I started around a mile or 2 south of Sand Harbor and walked back quite a distance, I really can not be sure exactly where I was, I was too busy watching for Black Bears / Mountain Lions and changing light conditions. I near saw any but one of the photographers showed me some pics he shot earlier in the day of Black Bears, damn near freaked me out knowing they where about.

  3. dylanfox says:

    As it would mate! Try running from some hungry black bears and trying to save your gear!
    I should be in the states by about mid year. I was planning to move there this year, but I might do that next year.

  4. kirkhille says:

    Nice shot ,
    Havent been to the states yet but planning on in the next year or two .

  5. Leon says:

    This is a real beauty. Great composition. Lake Tahoe is such a wonderful area to photograph.

  6. Thanks Leon, glad you could make it to my humble little blog. I enjoy checking out your waterfall images from time to time.

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