South West Trip

I know that Jamie posted somewhere on someone’s blog about a trip south, but for the life of me I can not find it.So in saying that I am looking to head south for a couple days either from the 17th April back late on the 19th or 19th till the 21st. Does this suit Beau / Dylan and Jamie ?  

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11 Responses to South West Trip

  1. 19th – 21st suits me more… I might be able to swap some shifts at work to do the 17th to 19th. I’ll wait to see what the other guys think of the dates and then swap shifts if need be.

    Where in the south are you thinking about going?

  2. 19th – 21st suits me better as well.

  3. dylanfox says:

    19th till the 21st looks good for me!

  4. jamiepaterson1 says:

    I’ll let you all know on Monday but I think it will be okay with me.

  5. Awesome! Looks like it’s the 19th – 21st then.

    PS. Cheers for lending me that gear. I’ve had some fun tonight playing around with them trying to get used to the prime lens and find out how the flash works…. If only my housemates weren’t out so I had somebody to shoot 😛 I’m a bit nervous about tomorrow night

  6. jamiepaterson1 says:

    Hi Guys,

    I can only head down on Friday the 18th (finish at midday) and have to come back up late Sunday on the 20th.

  7. Looks like a tight squeeze for days, I forgot I had my 40th lunch on the 20th so I would ned to be back on the 19th so I could leave on the 17th …. Or we can shoot for the following weekend ?

  8. jamiepaterson1 says:

    Hi Neal,

    The following weekend is Anzac Day long weekend I think. It may get a little crowded down there but I’m good for that weekend if you’d like to go down there then. I guess no one will be out and about when we are.

    Jamie Paterson

  9. jamiepaterson1 says:

    Sorry for the spam. I’ve just been told by my scheduling secretary (wife) that I’m committing the worst photography sin on the 19th……… photographing a friends wedding. If you guys still want to stay at the caravan that weekend instead of all going down on the long weekend let me know.

  10. Is this still happening?

  11. Sounds like the weekends at present are a little hard to get organised I am still god to get down there say friday for an evening shoot and all day on the Sat and Sunday morning shoot but would have to leave round 9am on the sunday to get back here in time.

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