Amazing Lansdscape Images

Well tonight I was researching some locations and names of beaches waterfalls and the like to prepare my shoots for Maui in May and while I found a few names of places (most of which I have no hope of spelling or pronouncing until I learn a little lingo from the locals) that I intend to scout out when I am there.

As I was about to finish up for the evening I came across this persons site through a maui tourist link

HOLY SMOKE She has some amazing images I’m sure most of the photoblogs that I know visit my blog would like to see. Enjoy fellas 🙂

I do not think 7 days is going to enough in Maui, they seem to have 4 different sand colored beaches (white / black / red and green) rain forests, deserts, sugar cane plantations, dozens of waterfalls its going to be hard to contain myself I think.


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12 Responses to Amazing Lansdscape Images

  1. Dylan Fox says:

    haha just as I’m reading this, your commenting my blog.

  2. Dave Catley says:

    You’re not wrong Neal, she has some incredible images.

    I love seeing the work other photographers create, it’s so inspiring to see the different things people are doing and the amazing places they photograph.

  3. Yeah, WOW, that’s one awesome portfolio! And a nice website, too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You guys may want to check this guy out then, I have been a fan of his for a few years now and the reason big reason I went with the 5D and Lee Filters. Patrick Di Fruscia

    He does have some dramatic landscapes to photography which always helps. I love the colors he gets.

  5. kirkhille says:

    There some stunning images .
    Thanks for sharing them Neal ,
    Still havent post your Cottesloe pick from the other morning yet 🙂 Dylans and Beaus were up that day lol

  6. Yeah have not got around to doing it yet, been on a bit of a mission for the last day or so researching for my time in Maui / Yosemite and the like. Its only a few weeks now and I am kinda jumping out of my skin looking forward to it so been on a one track mission to gather as much info as I can so I can spend more time shooing when I am there.

  7. The wonders of the internet. I have now after searching high and low on the net found the exact location of this Bonsai Rock formation at Lake Tahoe. Looks like a little hike is going to be involved.

  8. thomasparkes says:

    Most of these guys use 5d’s I really like Marc Adamus’ work, I have been looking aty his stuff for a few years now.

  9. dylanfox says:

    how do you find locations to shoot at over there. I am going to Illinois area this year and my auntie has a cottage that the family goes to on a little lake near lake michigan. I know there will be good shots in the dunes around there, which means lots of hiking! But I would like to find more spots.

  10. dylanfox says:

    that guy does have some great shots to say the least.

  11. Well Maui I have never been to before so I just hit the tourist info sites and search for beach names, waterfalls etc and than tap them into google and see what shows up, I usually find some folks have put up happy snaps etc, which I sometimes can be nice locations but just that snap shots so I just take note and of places etc so when I hit the ground I have a few notes to lead me in he right direction.

    Tahoe is a little different as I spent a week there in 07 and this year I hope to do a little better as I think I have learnt a lot since my last visit there.

  12. Tom Parkes says:

    Im heading to the south coast of NSW in September for a month hopefully. I have been researching for good locations on Google Earth.
    It is good when they have the high res landsat images.

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