Purple Haze Rocks

Kinda last shot of the day.

2 image stitch at 70 mm

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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13 Responses to Purple Haze Rocks

  1. This is really nice, I like this very much. The “thirds” composition is good with the foreground rocks and the main subject, the rock formation in the water. The colours are great, really delicate.
    (some sharpening halos visible though)

  2. kirkhille says:

    Another great shot Neal ,
    Love the colors in this one and the misty water

  3. Dylan Fox says:

    I have to say this is one of my favourite shots of yours!
    Love the composition, and because of the exposure it becomes a very simple image! Great subtle colours!
    LOVE IT!!!

  4. Thx folks I really like this shot as well. I think it will lok good on a metallic print paper

  5. dylanfox says:

    Only two images?…. were they portraits or landscapes?
    How are you finding your nodal ninja?
    I like mine but I will get better results on a good tripod!

  6. Yes only 2 images, I did take another set of 4 but when i was processing them I found this set captured more of what I wanted to see in the image. The other series seemed to detract from the main focal point being the large rock. These 2 are shot in portrait mode.

    As for the nodal as I am using a 5D with the 24-70 lens there is no confirmed to bar measurements from the folks at nodal so I have done the exercises to find these measurements but have no confirmation as yet. I shot a lot that weekend at 15 degree increments which seemed not so good when shooting at 50 mm so I will try during this weekend to use either the 12 degree ring or 10 degree.

    The problem I see with the nodal is the leveling, even though I am using the leveling plate it just takes a lot of time to get the level just right on location after working with the ball head for so long where leveling was suck a breeze and with shooting landscapes you know time is not on your side with the ever changing light.

    It will take a little work to change my set up style of taking pics and time I do not have till I get back from vacation (working holiday) so I am not looking at dragging the nodal around the US at this stage, after this weeks trials that may change, well see.

  7. Luke Austin says:

    Great shot, The pinks and purples make it stand out. Well composed too. What filters were used here?

  8. dylanfox says:

    I’m a bit a pissed off as the I was taking photos of some roos today with the ISO @ 400 and forgot to change it back when I went shooting tonight! I think I got some good shots, but will have to see what the noise is like…

  9. Your not alone there Dylan I think we may of all done that at some time.

  10. Dylan Fox says:

    neal what cleaning kit do you have?

  11. I only use the Artic brush Dylan, I have tried swabs, other brushes and blowers nothing works like the artic brush

  12. Photo Buffet says:

    An evocative photo–the colors are rich and soothing!

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