100% Green Power Stefano’s Pizza Mill Valley

Feeling Hungry?

How does solar power pizza sound? Last night was feeling a little hungry after a day in the sun and found a place called Stefano’s Pizza 100% solar powered (like a lot of places here in SF), but was surprised to see a pizza place solar powered. So being solar powered we had no hesitation eating there. The cost for them has gone from $12,000 a year in power bills to $80.00 a year. He said it cost them around $100,000 to go 100% solar and it will taken them 8 -9 years to get there money back. So if your back in San Francisco one day and have a hunger for pizza check out http://www.Stefanosolarpizza.com delicious pizza by the slice and 100% green as well.


Stefano’s Pizza Mill Valley
Address:11 E Blithedale Avenue Mill Valley, CA 94941

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2 Responses to 100% Green Power Stefano’s Pizza Mill Valley

  1. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Neal,

    Don’t mention solar power around Christian!!! He’s not impressed with the governments decision that anyone earning over $110k I think it is will no longer be able to claim a rebate.

    I must admit I thought the government would gladly help people to use solar power no matter what their financial status. Its greener and ultimatley the more people who use it the less deman on current power resources.

  2. Good page! hope to definitely visit again=)

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