NASA – Mars Rover

Well today was an interesting day. On my travels today I chatted to a NASA scientist who had a hand in the design of the Mars Rover Camera, visited to local photographic artists and met up with a few San Francisco FlickR members for a shoot at Pier 7 in the insanely dense and very cold fog. 

First up this NASA dude, well being a little gadget freak I saw this guy setting up what seemed to be a very strange tripod head so I wander over and stick my beak in and ask the question ” Dude thats one crazy tripod head” I then learn it is a pano head in beta testing and its motorized. ( and the guy testing it out worked on the Mars Rover Camera. Very interesting info and interesting to say the least. This pano head is designed to take up to 120 images and the images are in the 18-20 gig range, I like to see the NASA Apple Mac they use for that stitch 🙂

Next up was the gallery of Rodney Lough Jr very nice images and the locations this guy has been are amazing, but I gotta say that after seeing some of the digital work being done by some Australians back home the sharpness and clarity blow this medium format camera work some are still using, they just have insanely good locations to photograph and I was somewhat disappointed in the softness of the edges of these images. I also went in to another photographic artist that takes images in the same camera format but usually those striking human faces in exotic location like tibet etc, awesome colors and nice feel to the human aspect but again SOFT and up close they look somewhat wanting, but hey each to there own, I just feel digital seems to have it all over film for sharpness and clarity. And damn they charge some outlandish prices one I saw was $20,000 for a limited edition print, but in being limited it was only a limited edition of that size 30*50 yet you could purchase the same image in many smaller formats in unlimited quantities, not what I would called very limited.

Lastly met up with a few fellow FlickR members for what was nice shoot at Pier 7, my god it was cold. I think I managed to capture a couple of nice shoots but will not know till I return and process the images. In the mean time heres a timeless pick of my freezing my ASS OFF with fellow FlickR member Agnus. Check out his photo stream he has some very cool images and nice guy to boot.



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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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2 Responses to NASA – Mars Rover

  1. Dylan Fox says:

    Sounds like your having a good time mate!
    Pier 7 is a famous skate spot from memory!

    Can’t wait to see some shots!

  2. Kirk Hille says:

    Sounds like a Great Time over there mate ,
    I all ways wondered if there was a automated panorama head out there and thought it would be a great marketing idea as you could set it up to take insanly huge megapixel photos .

    Cant wait to see you shots when you get back

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