Watch Your Step

I was out this evening hiking along a trail trying to wait out the rain we have had today when around 50% or a mile or so into the hike I (we) wife and myself came across and huge steaming pile of scat (poo) right on the trail, I almost freakin stepped in it! Now coyotes must shit like dogs right? So this was not coyote poo, no way it was a deer I have seen that before and way to big for any chip-monk and mountain lions would cover theirs like domestic cats correct, so what else lives in the woods? I could only think of the one thing that I did not want to come across, Bears.

This scat being half or more the size of a cow paddy and green with vegetation, was fresh and steamy, it looked like it was just dumped so me not being betting man and with darkness fast approaching we did not want to actually find out who this poo belonged to. We made a pretty quick exit of the area.

I like bears and watch anything about them on National Geo or Discovery channels but I really do not need to see them close enough for them to look me right in the eye and smell my breath.

If it had not rained today I would of managed a ton of new pics but today was pretty much a lost day for photography.

Tomorrows a new with a clearing forecast so I have 3 locations in mind and then its off to Yosemite National Park in a couple of days.

Quick shot of a despondent amateur photographer waiting on the nice light that never came on this overcast rainy day 😦

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3 Responses to Watch Your Step

  1. Confirmation today from a Park Ranger it was indeed fresh Bear Scat.

  2. Jason says:

    u do look a little despondent. Did Kylie take this one?

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