Sand Harbor

Took this image this afternoon at Sand Harbor its the second frame in a 5 frame stitch. This image took quite a bit of rock climbing to get to and once I was in the right spot is was very annoying having to wait for the silly chinese tourist who wanted to climb every boulder and shout at the top of his lungs when he reached the top of each one, does he not realize that we were in a nature park and others were there to enjoy the peaceful beauty that we all were in. Karma and nature had the last laugh, the silly fool climbed a boulder he could not get down, and the smile on my face must of pissed him right off, good I hope it did!


There is so much to photograph here it is quite a task deciding on where to point the camera. Lucky I have a very understanding wife who packs up after a few mins and treks off with me to yet another vantage point.

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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5 Responses to Sand Harbor

  1. dylanfox says:

    You lucky bastard!!!

    That’s all I have to say right now… apart from the obvious great shot!

  2. kirkhille says:

    Great shot mate ,
    The water looks so clear , deffinatly got to go here some time ,
    Cant wait to see your shots posted when you get back

  3. thomasparkes says:

    Nice shot Neal.
    Love the beatutiful clear green water.
    And nice work capturing the sky.

  4. Thanks guys, a blind man could take a nice shot over here, you just point and shoot. This morning I was up at 4.30am in light snow with a fellow FlickR member shooting Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf Lake and this hidden gorgeous waterfall that I guess only the locals know about thanks to Leon for taking me there. I took a on of pics and really have not had a chance to even see them. After coming back to the hotel round 9am we had to get some breakfast and pack for Yosemite ( where I am right now writing this)

    I gotta say I was here in Yosemite in 1993 in the middle of summer and it was stunning but nothing prepared me for the drive we took into this HUGE natural wonder. I was simply STUNNED and what I/we both saw. I took some pics but start proper tomorrow. The HUGE snow fields, have frozen lakes, tall pines covered in snow with their red bark and green foliage simply stunning, scenes I had only ever seen on TV where right before my eyes, it was just breath taking at 9945 feet up.

  5. Jason says:

    totally love the water colours in this one Neal

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