Kaanapali Coconut Palms

Not sure if this works or not so thats one reason to post it here and get a little feedback. I was taking images facing the other direction of the beach and sunset and turned around to see this. I went for the long exposure to try and capture the feel of the coconut palm gently blowing in the calm warm breeze. Never really tried anything like this before. I used a ND grad to slow the shutter down a little and tried to tone down the pink and purple hues to the right of the image. I was going to try the Siliuette type image but I figured they have been done to death and went with this angle.

The image(s) 3 were taken right on the beach looking back to our hotel. The following night we attended a Luau at pretty much the same spot on the beach. Gorgeous surroundings warm and tropical made for eating and drinking Lava Flow cocktails very easy.

Why I named this five brothers is I saw the bachelor and three graces in Yosemite National Park and recently saw the Mark Walberg movie five Brothers.


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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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8 Responses to Kaanapali Coconut Palms

  1. Dylan Fox says:

    It’s very different and for that I like it. It does have a great feel to it.

    Lakers got one by the way!!! yay

  2. 6 points when Pierce failed to really score, sounds good for the Celtics 🙂

  3. I reckon your exposure is a bit too long for this to really work. It’s a great idea but to really work you need a mix of super sharp subjects and blurry stuff in the composition – that looks great to the human eye. Here you almost only have blurry stuff. A shorter exposure might have left some parts sharp, and some stuff (like the leaves) blurry and that works better.

  4. Your most likely right Flem. At the time I was thinking more along the of a louse mann type image but I guess I failed poorly in that area. maybe I could photoshop it more to reflect her type of image.

    In the end I was just experimenting and wanted to see how it would turn out. I have a set of near sharp images but I really do not like the feel from them, it just looks like there is no air and its just another palm tree and blueish sky pic …. Maybe its just a case of a DO OVER (have to run that past the wife).

  5. dylanfox says:

    I think maybe try the shorter exposure and get a motion blur over the leaves but not the trunks…
    Might be worth a try.
    But I think there might be enough detail in the trunks in this…

  6. Would be nice to do a do over but not this soon afterwards. I am stuck with what it is for now.

  7. I agree with some of the earlier comments. I think this would work better if there were some sharp elements (like the palm trunks and coconuts) and then some blurred elements (like palm leaves, clouds and bushes).

    I think you need some sharp elements as anchors in the image.

    I still like it though.


  8. Thanks Brent, would be nice to do a do over, but I have learnt from my mistake and am now on the lookout for a similar opportunity in passing for a similar image.

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