Solar Power In Australia

Solar Power and the LACK of Vision by our Labor Government.

Just watching Business sunday where they had a segment about the solar power rebate being axed, And the real reason Peter “I’m a brainless pinhead liar” Garrett axed the rebate. The Government were getting around 900 applications a month for solar conversion and thought the industry was over heating, so in his infinite wisdom thought he would like to see applications reduced to around 260 per month. Way to go “Pinhead Garrett” wipe around 70% of business demand with the swipe of your pen.

Why do labor governments always insist on stifling business. Is another 500-600 australia wide solar applications per month REALLY going to make that difference with our GDP?

It just makes absolutely ZERO sense to me, can someone explain this to me?

Why would a government preach the renewable power angle to us yet at the same time cut us of at the knees saying “Well we need to roll back credit to the wealthy”. Households with a combined income of $100,000 is not what most if not all would class as wealthy in todays world, yet on the other hand pay a multinational company with Profits last year of US$15,000,000,000.00 thats right US$ 15 BILLION another $35 million as a sweetner to producing hybrid cars in Australia, when we know full well they were looking at producing them in australia in the very near future anyway.

Labor Government, Idiots or lairs? Both in my eyes.

If we had a government with vision and BALLS we could have business like this local Pizza place in Mill Valley San Francisco that are completely 100% solar powered.

When will we actually use our own resources instead of just selling it off to other countries to reap the benefits?

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8 Responses to Solar Power In Australia

  1. thomasparkes says:

    I am unsure why both the Federal Government and Victorian State Government would kick in $36m each to Toyota to fund an out of date useless piece of technology called a Hybrid. All they do is use less fuel, which runs around at the same efficiency as a diesel VW Golf or Peugeot would use. When will they invest in Hydrogen and Air compressed technology. It is a short term political stunt to keep thousands of Toyota employees in a job. Eventually it will get shipped offshore.

    We have all this solar technology invented and developed in Australia then it has gone offshore to be manufactured, I’d prefer solar to be manufactured in Australia with $72m kicked in rather than some Japanese shitbox.

    I think Kevin Rudd has just slowed down the funding for solar until 2010 when the emissions trading scheme comes into practice. Thats their excuse anyhow.

    More Windfarms and Geothermal technology for renewable energy would be nice too.

    The technology is there why aren’t we using it?

    I am sick of these conservatives who want to drive fossil fuel guzzlers and have there house powered by dirty coal. Tax them like alcopops to drive a new cheaper greener industry.

  2. Problem with taxing someone that may drive a gas guzzlers is the lack of options with with to choose from. I had heard that the Hybrids are really only any good when driving under 40km”s on surface rds but as soon as you get on the hwy your back to square one.

    One thing that I don”t understand is the by-product of gasoline production diesel is always more expensive than petrolium.

    I still firmly believe we should have masses of solar farms, we have so much land ad so much sun I am sure they could find a decent location to put these farms and stop burning coal. Australia is one of if not the worst coal users on the planet, not something to be proud of 😦 Sure we have a ton of coal but we also have a ton of sunshine and don’t get me started on wind, Perth is so freakin windy pretty much every single day of the year.

  3. Dylan Fox says:

    I did see a documentary lately showing what is going to be a huge solar power thingo in S.A. that will generate power for 100,000 homes. But the problem is the thing is freaking huge, it covers a lot of land and it’s centre tower is like 700m high. So I don’t now how many of them will kick off but if they could locate a whole bunch in the deserts….

  4. thomasparkes says:

    Yeah Dylan, meant to be build near Mildura, Vic, NSW, SA Border area.

    20% Green Energy by 2020 is a pathetic goal. Make it 100% by 2025. The technology is there, Governments are just scared of the outcry from ‘Working Families’ in the Latrobe Valley an other coal towns. There days are limited.

  5. 20% by 2020 way too low. If one industry slows there will be others that will grow, its not like demand for energy is ever going to fall. We as Australians should be leading by example and go renewable by at least 50% by 2015.

    With the HUGE government surpluses left by the Howard government I’m sure we can afford to do this, which brings us right back to the Solar Power rebate getting axed by the Labour Party.

  6. Yes, another unbelievable decision from the Australian Government. I think the Rudd government must be serious about climate change; making it happen that is, as I cannot see any reason why they would axe the rebate otherwise. Dear me, 900 applications a month. Oh dear.

    A more appropriate response would be to commission a government factory to churn out thin film panels as fast as possible, sell these to the suppliers and then increase the rebate not cut it.

    The first political party with that as a platform promise has my vote without question.

    And those Hybrids only use less fuel in the city; when you’re out onb the highway the engine gets overworked and wears out faster than a larger one would. That means it uses more fuel (rel to its size) and wears quickly.

  7. DANIEL D MARTIN says:


  8. Jason says:

    Wow Neal, didn’t even realise you had this blog entry. Thanx for showing me this one, after I had posted mine about a similar topic.

    What you guys are saying about 100% by 2025 should definitely be achievable. We have the smarts here in this country and the resources to make it happen.

    Now we just need people in the right industries to get on top of this and make it happen.

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