Yosemite Valley

Pretty much the last set of images taken at the Yosemite. We spent quite a bit of time here chatting to a couple from Texas while snapping away. It looked promising for a nice sunset but it did not happen in the end. Still a spectacular place and view and photos none of which I have seen really do this view justice, this was my humble attempt. Processing this on a rainy cold grey day back at home was not the best thing either. Damn it would be nice to be back there today,

5 image stitch taken at 70mm – Canon 5D – 24-70 Lens


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12 Responses to Yosemite Valley

  1. kirkhille says:

    Nice shot
    The view look amazing mate , deffinatly want to vist this place . Real change from out flat country side lol .
    Would look amazing with a great sunset

  2. Thanks, I have a few more from that time I have yet to process. Right now deciding on which ones could turn out better is harder than I thought.

    I have a 2 row 10 image one to do that I think I will attempt tomorrow.

  3. Very nice shot.
    It must be a great experience to have been in such a spectacular place.
    I love the light across the top of the tree’s.
    It reminds me of the old Lost World (i think that’s what they were called) movies….with little foot and all the other dinosaurs

  4. Leon says:

    A classic, Neal. Gorgeous light here.

  5. Sure was Stephen, even though it was m second visit there the first being in 93, I think this time round I experienced more of what the park had to offer, Tioga Pass was spectacular the first day we drove through it.

    Thanks Leon.

  6. Photo Buffet says:

    We were there in March 2007. I know exactly where you shot this image–a great capture, by the way.
    Yosemite stole our hearts. We’d love to return someday.

  7. jAMES says:


    You have some great shots from your holidays, i get the impression I am there. Fantastic.

  8. great view Neal, how about a high contrast b&w of this, could look pretty nice.

  9. dylanfox says:

    Such a clean shot mate! Great light, great angle and it really shows the beauty of the place!

  10. Thanks James hearing that makes it feel that I have done the job when taking the image.

    Photo Buffet, I think Yosemite may do that with everyone, it sure has ours and we also would like to return one day.

    Thanks Dylan, happy shooting in the Rockies your gonna come back with some rippers I bet.

    Christian will try a B&W today, have not done one before but with the Kelby book I should be able to get a nice B&W out of this. The first day we where there is was covered in light clouds and I really should of taken this series of images then, but then again the valley floor image posted earlier in this blog I would of missed out on, Why can we not be in several places at once when we have limited time in areas.

    Leon, loving our latest waterfall images. One day we are going to have to go hiking for a week to all these secret waterfalls of yours 🙂

  11. thomasparkes says:

    Great shot Neal, love the scenery.
    My dad raves about Yosemite, tells me I should get over there.

    However if you could beef up the blue in the sky a bit to make the waterfall stand out a little more.

    Cheers Tom

  12. Thanks Thomas, I’ll give that a go as well, right now I am doing a high contrast B&W version.

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