High Contrast B&W Landscape

Heres a B&W high contrast version of the Yosemite Valley image. When i view this at 50% of full size around 83 inches is looks amazing, reducing it down to a jpeg for the web it tends to become a somewhat darker. I don’t know if this happens a lot as this is my first B&W image (thanks for the push CF). I usually do most of the web images at 950px but to try and get some more detail in the web version I reduced this to 1200px.

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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14 Responses to High Contrast B&W Landscape

  1. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Neal,

    This absolutely blows me away. I can’t get over how great a picture it is. Get down to Fitzgeralds and get it printed!!!

    Jamie Paterson

  2. Thanks Jamie. I am heading down to Fitz friday to get a print or 2 done, I should get this one done as well even if its just for a Artist Proof.

  3. that is the stuff mate, new it would look good in B&W. Ansel Adams would be turning in his grave!!!

  4. That’s it, looks faaaantastic! Love this in black and white true Ansel style! Could maybe use a bit more dramatic contrast, did you use the black+white conversion layer in Photoshop to blend the colours?

  5. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Neal, do it. I will be at Fitzgerald’s around 1230 on Friday picking up my East Perth print. The first thing I thought when I saw it was Ansell Adams.

  6. Thanks folks. I converted it to B&W using a method in the Kelby book called Scotts favorite High Contrast B&W technique. Its pretty much using a grad mask, then played around with the opacity levels of the gradient, then an overlay at 50 grey and some rubbing out.

  7. I’ll be there a little earlier as I have a appointment at 11.30 for new tyres on the car. I will get it done though, we’ll meet up for a meal or coffee soon and I’ll bring it to show you.

  8. dylanfox says:

    I hate it when every one says what you were thinking before I could post my comment! The first thing in my head was Ansel Adams but a few people beat me to it!

    Simply awesome mate! I might have to buy a cope some day!

  9. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Dylan,

    Maybe we could trade photos with him?

    Jamie Paterson

  10. dylanfox says:

    Yeah now theres an idea, especially considering my money situatuation!!!

  11. thomasparkes says:

    Very nice Neal, looks awesome.
    Well done.

  12. kirkhille says:

    Stunning work mate I think I prefer the black and white version to the color . Your churning out the work

  13. Photo Buffet says:

    I visited Yosemite a year ago. This picture truly does it justice, and that’s a hard act to follow. Beautiful!

  14. Yeah this has come out pretty bloody well!
    This pic is amazing!

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