Lower Vernal Falls

After trekking to Vernal Falls for 2 plus hrs and having the weather close in I went back about half a mile to a small landing I had seen on the way up and took this shot. Very happy with the result after missing out on the Vernal Falls shoot due to weather.

This is a 3 image stitch with ND grads .9 and .6 stacked. Canon 5D and the 24-70 lens that I am finding reproduces color a little better than my old 17-40. Now if I could get my hands on Jamies 1D MrkIII and 50 f/1.2 lens 🙂

So far this is my personnel favorite image of the trip processed so far. Maybe because it was a long hike up there and back without getting the image I was after, but very satisfied with this one.

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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11 Responses to Lower Vernal Falls

  1. beautiful, very clean, makes me feel I am there. Well done, right no more tips for you, your getting too good!!! 🙂

  2. dylanfox says:

    Fletch said it!
    You pumping out ripper after ripper!!!
    Seems a little unfair!

    Very dramatic shot! One of my favourites from you!

    I think I mentioned a week or so ago “keep them coming!”, but when your coming up with shots like this it’s a little unfair, dont you think? haha

    Keep it up mate!

  3. Thanks guys.

    I’m sure being in the Rockies you are going to be shooting a ton and come back with more than you know what to do with.

    I look at the Fletchers and E.Carmels of this world and go how the hell do that do that in awe, so I’ll still take any tips 😉

  4. dylanfox says:

    Looks like you got things sorted mate!!!

    Is this photo looking up or down stream?

  5. Looking down Dylan, looking up from that vantage point you can not see the falls. You need to trek around a mile further up.

  6. thomasparkes says:

    Very, very nice.
    Really nice sky colours too.
    And really good sense of remoteness to the shot.

  7. kirkhille says:

    Another Stunner mate ,
    Love the colors must have been so much to shot over there 🙂

  8. dylanfox says:

    ooo yeah did you watch game 6?
    I got to Denver in time to sit down and watch the game, but my Lakers didn’t rise to the challenge. Kobe was missing everything!!! And KG got pretty emotional after the game!!!
    ahwell, theres always next year, plus we will have Bynum back! Kobe better stay around!

  9. Yeap sure did Dylan.

    Was very cool to finally see KG and Allen get a ring. Was s total blowout in the end. If you want to be better than Jordan you have to step up and not throw in the towel when things get tough as Kobe seemed to do.

    Maybe he could of spent some time watching Tiger put on a show, only now we fully understand what he went through, ripped knee and 2 hairline fractures in the left leg, his mental strength is beyond most, to play 5 days like that against 150 odd of the worlds best golfers and still win just blows my mind.

    Now that golfs pretty much over for the year and the NBA is done and wrapped up except for draft day man I hope Miami gets Rose, its all abut NFL training camps Whoo Hoo football is almost back 🙂

  10. stunning shot
    loving the detail you’ve got in the rocks, and especially the cliffs

  11. dylanfox says:

    I dont follow the football. Id rather watch the Eagles continue to lose!
    I do however love MLB. I thought I had it made, since I go for the Boston Red Sox and they one last year and then thinking that just maybe I would get to see the Lakers win. I was suprised to see it go to 6 games though. Yeah Kobe really didn’t earn his money against the Celtics, but in his defense, the Celtics had him on lock down! There defense was awesome and Kobe couldn’t find a way around it!

    Yeah Tiger is crazy but the pain did win him a nice lump of cash!

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