Where Solar Power Meets Pizza

Just uploaded a new image from the 100% solar power pizza place in Mill Valley …. I had a serious craving sunday that was not going to be satisfied for a slice of Stefano’s Garlic Cream Chicken Pizza Slice so instead I just worked on a pic of the place. Still not satisfied but damn thats a long place to go for another slice 😦

WHy do we not have a government body like this where I live ? Bay Area Green Business Program

Check out the pic

Stefano’s Pizza Mill Valley
Address:11 E Blithedale Avenue Mill Valley, CA 94941

I tried a couple of strange new things with this image that are more inline with portrait image processing but what the hell I needed something to take my mind of their incredible Pizza and the Molten Lava Chocolate Cake was just not going to satisfy the cravings.

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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6 Responses to Where Solar Power Meets Pizza

  1. jAMES says:

    Because we spend money on really important things like football ovals 🙂

  2. kirkhille says:

    Looks like an interesting place mate ,
    Yeah I know about the Government , I dont know why they dont make it mandator for solar panels on new houses been built in WA , The cost of installing them would be a lot less durring the building of the house

  3. dylanfox says:

    Oh mate thats where I need to be! All I have been eating is a chunk of fat in between bread, and a lot of soda and beer! I’m comin back to Aus nice an =d plump! haha

  4. Mate I would almost kill for a slice of their pizza right about now … Now if I had the kind of money John Travolta had I could just pop over anytime for a slice like he did the night I was there.

  5. dylanfox says:

    Now I have posted a few shots we gotta see more from you mate!

  6. Have held off a little on doing new images till I absorbed the Eastway vid, I did start one today though 🙂

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