Mega Pixels Arms Race

Well it looks like the arms race for mega pixels is well and truly alive. Have a read of the Hasselblad USA site and their new H3DII-50, 50 mega pixels, twice the sensor size of a full frame DSLR and 300mb files this puppy must turn out some stunning quality captures. Due out in October is you have the 39 mega pixels model the upgrade seems like a charm at only the list price difference to pay.

What will Canon do with the next series 1D’s ? Time will tell I guess, either way it is way out of my range but nice to look all the same.

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6 Responses to Mega Pixels Arms Race

  1. merv french says:

    Didn’t last long that one. Phase One have just announced a 60meg back with variable resolution at the bargain price of 50g’s

  2. kirkhille says:

    Sounds cheap Merv ill just buy 2 will Im at it lol :).
    you could create some monstor file size with these cameras with stitches .
    Yeah they will probally have gig pixel size camera in the near future ,

  3. Actually what I would love the most about 50 megapixels would be to be able to shoot cropped panoramas from a wide angle lens and still have heaps of pixels.

    Stitching is magic but has problems of course whenever there are moving elements and you can’t see the composition in the viewfinder.

    The Kodak 50 megapixel is medium format, doubt very much that 50 megapixel on a 35mm sensor is a great idea…but you never know, 21 megapixel on a 35mm was utopia a few years ago!

  4. 21 megapixels is still utopia for me. The images I have sen from one photographer using the 39 megapixel are amazing.

  5. I am seriously considering the 1Ds Mk III but I’ll wait and see what the 5D Mk II offers. Don’t need a lot of the features the 1D offers, just want the 21 megapixel sensor for large prints.

    For pure pixel quality the fewer pixels the better ‘cos the pixels are so much larger. But since we’re landscapers and deliver large prints we want as much resolution as possible!

    Having said that, the Utzon Center in Denmark is showing an 8 meter print of one of my 13 mega pixel 5D shots…and the print is very nice indeed!

  6. I am tempted with the 1DsIII but like you will wait to se what the next series 5 will be ..

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