The Sorry State Of Restaurants In Perth & Carine Glades Tavern

I know this is a photoblog of sorts but sometimes you just need to speak up and maybe warn people of how good or bad something really is. Not always one to critique food harshly at the worst of times but last night at Carine Glades Tavern was shocking and sad and the same time.

Had the opportunity to visit Carine Glades Tavern for a meal with friends. Why is it that Perth Restaurants are SO BAD, Why has it turned so bad, where have all the real foodies in Perth gone? 

Lack of complete service and a meal that was barley edible yet still have the balls to charge $30 for. From the time we arrived at 7.30pm it took a whole 90 minutes to get our meal served. The whole restaurant had maybe 60 patrons at best 2 chefs (well that term would be very loosely used, season your steak before you grill it and your red wine jus was the furtherest thing from a red wine jus I have ever seen or tasted) and 8 floor staff.

I placed an order for a beer, being a tavern you would think this would be their strengths right, WRONG, they could not supply a beer list and the waiter had virtually no idea what beers they offered. In the end I had to give him 3 choices and say, just send me anyone of those you have. He over the course of the next 30 minutes proceeded to wander around the floor taking orders but never actually placing the orders with the bartender. I had to call him over twice and ask how is my beer doing, to which he said oh I took your order its now not in my department I’ll go see if they have lost it at the bar. Freakin what, not his department, order maybe lost, this guy was a complete idiot and had zero training. In the end I received my beer and a soap stained glass, to which I asked him, you don’t expect me to pour this beer into that glass do you, to which his reply was you can drink it out of the bottle I guess.

Now that I had a drink the remaining party at the table had some how achieve to order their own drinks in a somewhat disjointed fashion but a revolving line of staff that either had no idea that when someone asks for a wine menu or round of drinks they are really supposed to taken this order and place it with the bartender. While some where almost finished with their drinks others where still waiting on drinks to arrive, someone correct me but Carine Glades Tavern is a TAVERN correct and if someone has finished a drink would you not offer them another drink to make more money per head?

After 90 minutes or so meals came out in a slow drift towards obscurity with wait staff coming out with 2 plates at a time and wondering round our table of 10, asking is this yours, one staff member in particular even tried to give me in his words “He is your well done steak and pepper sauce” Well jackass, I ordered a reef and beef, what you are holding is the bad end (tail end) of a filet steak with mustard sauce not pepper sauce that you think it is, and your reef and beef is actually a rump steak.

Would he even know the difference between Fillet and Rump steak? I think not, and considering they only have 3 cuts of beef on the mains menu, it should not be hard for him to be shown.

When my wife’s meal turned up, it was not well done as requested, we wont get into what’s well done and what’s not but to say a steak cooked that still has blood is not, but thats not the real problem, trying to get a wait staff to come over was, and it seemed it was not going to happen anytime soon, so I took the steak back the kitchen myself (it was just easier in the end) and asked the cook did he actually think this was well done. He said did you ask for it to be? Well I saw the meal order right on the bench in front of both the chef and myself so I pointed to it and said, you tell me?

In the end I really don’t blame the staff at the Carine Glades Tavern, it is the owner fault and the Perth mentality of making the fast buck and not investing in the business for the long haul. It is quite clear that the staff had no training or experience in the food industry from the wait staff to the backroom kitchen.

Why do we not invest in repeat customers and look at building wealth over time here in Perth, why do we only have maybe 2 or 3 restaurants that I know off that have history, by history I mean a working restaurant of over 25 years. Why do I need to go places in Melbourne / San Francisco / Sydney and the like to experience good food at reasonable price ? Why because we do not value good food in this town, we do not build a business for longevity and through word of mouth, we add flashing fittings in good locations, over charge and just expect to make a million overnight. There is no passion or love for food in the majority of restaurants in Perth and that is very very sad, It was not like this 20 years ago when I worked for the Ord St Cafe as a chef for Margo Grace, Troy and David. Those days seem to be long gone and replaced with owners that have no business being in the food industry and seem to want to just make the fast $ to buy the big boat and flash car for the neighbors to go wow. I would rather a 120 covers a night go wow what a great place to dine and spend time that I owned.

I for one will not be going back to the Carine Glades Tavern ever again, my hard earned money is better spent on a dinning experience in another City and or country and not this town.

Carine Glades Tavern would have to be my utmost worst dinning experience in 20+ years of dinning out.

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15 Responses to The Sorry State Of Restaurants In Perth & Carine Glades Tavern

  1. Allen Taylor says:

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

  2. James says:

    Bit of heat on this post.

    I’ve always found nando’s to be great 🙂

  3. dylanfox says:

    I can understand how poor our food industry is in Perth after eating at bars and restaraunts over here. Over here the waiters aren’t even making as much as I do to pack shelves. My cousin who just finished working in Kunnanurra is a Chef and he knows of people being paid $17 an hour to wash dishes. Hes a chef and is only making a little more than a kid washing dishes. Over here in the states the waiters are working to sell you more beer and they want to get a good tip.

    On another note, Nandos is pretty bloody good, and so is Wendys over here!

  4. Wendy’s you killing me Dylan now I’m going to be craving that for the rest of the day. Carl’s Jr has a KILLER $6 burger

    Have not been to Nando’s in years. I do remember well those killer chicken livers they served at the first Nando’s in Perth many many years ago. I think the last time I went to a Nando’s I asked for them and they said they did not do them anymore, thats a shame as spicy chicken livers is very Portuguese.

    It’s true we pay wait staff way too much in Perth for very poor service and knowledge. It was never as bad as it is today in Perth and it does not look like it shows any sign of changing either. I think I’ll stick to my little Italian restaurant in Tuart Hill, family owned and operated and a couple of other choice places in and around town. No more giving new places in Perth a chance, its just not worth the price you pay.

  5. Yeah James a little heat, was pretty pissed off at why we put up with places that think they can charge and not supply a fair product service for the price they are charging.

    I was not expecting the French Laundry or anything similar as I like a good slice of pizza or burger right along side any fine dining menu and I have eaten many diverse styles and types of eateries, but to charge for a decent price then serve and produce a very subpar experience no matter what level of cuisine is just wrong.

  6. lukeaustin says:

    I hear you Neal.
    Your experience sounds ridiculous.
    I love a good pub. But in Perth there is a lack of them.
    There are the pubs you can go and get shitfaced with the locals, and then there’s the wanky modern ones that are trying to attract the higher society buy charging a fucking fortune just for a drink. The later absolutely shit me to tears. I can’t stand them.
    There are very few that are good old fashioned pubs/restaurants where you can get a good quality meal along with a decent selection of drink for a reasonable price.

    One pub that offers exactly what I just stated is “The Mighty Quinn” on Wanneroo Rd in Tuart Hill. It is an Irish pub that has great food in large portions along with a load of beers on tap and many wines to choose from. There prices are far better than anywhere else.

    Where are some other pubs/restaurants that some may recommend?

  7. merv french says:

    Neal your not alone. Do a favour and go to the web site eatingwa and write a reveiw about your experience there. We use the site all the time when contemplating going out as I have found the reviews spot on, they are done by the likes of you and me and they are very up front.You can also check out the menu before hand which is handy.
    Don’t need Gordan Ramsay with Luke around.

  8. Piazza Del Sol Trattoria & Pizzeria‎ on Stoneham Street, Joondanna would be my favorite Italian place to eat, great food good sizes. Although it can get quite loud in there, I still like the place. They do not take bookings and if not arriving early you be with a crowd trying to get it. When I see old Italian guys in their hand man suits and hats dinning and sipping short blacks you know your in for a treat. I just wish I lived in the area. I have been known to drive 25 mins both ways just to pick up a pizza though.

    Another place I like is the Italian place in Joondalup. The owner is old school Scicillion and his pizza are great. Once you get to know him and start talking food its a trip into old school Italy I just love hearing his stories while I wait for my Pizza. Great coffee as well.

    I used to love the old Mullaloo tavern before the redevelopment, the food was good and atmosphere perfect, now sadly I had breakfast there and it was expensive and my eggs where cold, Tell me how you can serve cold eggs and bacon for breakfast?

    I’ll post more of some good dinning experiences over time. Merv I will do that for sure.

  9. Clinton Coolidge says:

    I’m a new chef in Perth. Its terrible. I worked at Oceanus which was a former gold plate recipient and contender for restaurant of the year. Suffice it to say that the wrong mentality or crew can make for an awful experience for diner and chefs. Its just pathetic.

    Go to Restaurant Amuse in East Perth. I had the honer to work with Hadleigh Troy there and can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

    main website

  10. merv french says:

    Try Bar Pizza in Glyde St Mosman Park , they do one of the better gourmet pizza’s around.

    If anyone is half serious about eating out then you should check out the link below.

    It is a very comprehensive restaurant guide covering all of WA. The reason I like it is because real people like us write the reviews, you can add your own if you like and call it like it is. I’m sure the restaurant owners look at it and hopefully take on board the complaints.

  11. Hey I just wish we had Hungry Jacks in Dunsborough, never been disappointed with a yummy whopper!! True story!

  12. Nat says:

    I totally agree with all of the above- although my idea of eating out does not involve EVER going to a fast food place. I have my standards!
    Pizza del sol is one of my favourite too.
    Perth is pathetic when it comes to eating out – Dunsborough ?I hear Thrusday night at the wine bar offers more than one would expect! (LOL) but I have not heard from the locals it offers much more than over here.

  13. bill johnson says:

    I had a fanytastic experience at the 7th ave bar and restaurant in Midland. Steak salad and chips 12.50 and a pint of swan draught 4.90. Awesome experience ( the pub was packed)

  14. Squirrel says:

    Hey, found your review on the Carine as I was searching the net for somewhere to write a similar review on that terrible place. I went out for a lunch with my busy-mum friend and travelled all the way from Freo to get there. The food was appalling, just the meat and chips and nothing else, nothing! Our table was the first to order for lunch and the fourth to get our food. We only got our food after over an hours wait because I repeatedly asked for it and the waiter didn’t even apologise. It was clearly obvious our order had gone to another table or been lost. Then they didn’t have the buns for the burger so I had bread instead. Then they didn’t have milk for the coffees so we waited while they went to the shop. Then the coffee as too full and sloppy (cappucino) and the waitress spilt it everywhere. We had two lemon, lime and bitters softdrinks from the tap which cost us $6 each. Had we have known we would of got a glass of wine instead. To top it off we went to the toilet on our way out, which was right near our table. The manageress instantly concluded that we had done a runner and burst into the toilets to check. Well, there we were and she looked a bit awkward so she pretended to go to the toilet while we went to pay our bill. The waitress explained that they thought we’d run off (although we definately do not look like the criminal type) and we had a bit of a chuckle until the manageress returned and looked like the biggest sour-puss. She stared at us and said nothing. We left feeling very angry and completely let down by the most bland food we’ve eaten for a long time. The $6 softdrink reminds me of restaurant prices on St Marcs square in Venice or Brugge or Rome but I wouldn’t say the Carine Tavern is up there with those locations! Now to eatingwa for the review….

  15. Matt C says:

    Wow, that sounds terrible. I’ve been to the Carine once before, but only for a drink.

    I often wonder why we pay a lot of money for pretty crap food here… I can’t work it out.

    I’d have to second the commenter above who recommended Restaurant Amuse in East Perth if you like the fine dining end of things. I’ve been there three times and it’s just incomparably good food.

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