Living Color


About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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14 Responses to Living Color

  1. dylanfox says:

    Great shot mate. I would maybe lighten the background trees just a smidge to balance the light a little more……
    Its a great shot though! Great composition, I love the foreground plant. Looks like you guys have found some great spots.

    Classy boarder by the way!

  2. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Neal,

    Very nice work. I always knew this was going to be a great shot.

    Jamie Paterson

  3. kirkhille says:

    Nice shot mate ,
    Nice to see you got some color in your shots from the trip .
    I just stitched together a 20 image stitch from the trip the other night but its pretty simular to jamies lol

  4. clintbaker85 says:

    great shot mate, the grass in the foreground is great

  5. jAMES says:

    There’s that foreground and background focus again, fantastic.

    Makes me think I should finally get a pano head.

  6. Thanks Dylan – Just a rough edit for now 😉

    Thanks Jamie / Kirk / Clint – Kirk try setting your camera up for different light situations and then open the raw in DDP and if you like what you see save as tiff and then reopen in CS3 Camera raw, you get the same controls with Camera Raw and you have in fact imported your camera settings from Canon to Camera Raw, works for me, thats not saying its correct or the right thing to do.

    Thanks jAMES – No pano head just my trusty ball head and the tripod was almost at mono pod stages as I had around 12 inches of room on the ledge to use the tripod.

    This was a 3 image stitch with each image taken with the focus point set either 1/3rd from the bottom of the frame for the near shoots and 1/2 to 2/3rd in from the bottom of the frame for the far shoots then stitched in CS3, PTGui did a good job as well but just chose the CS3 this time round as the final stitch. I have no idea if this is correct or kosher in the world of photography, I have zero formal training and like to think I just wing it, when in fact I do experiment a fair bit and have found a little formula that I guess maybe works for me.

    I maybe should of written this with the post but after my babble on Sundays post I figured you guys would of heard enough of me to last a few weeks at least.

  7. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    You know my only real issue here is the spelling of colour.

  8. Thanks Jamie, but Living Color – The Band I was listening to at the time and in particular the record Vivid, so hence the title.

    I’d need a image of a broken Levee right now though.

  9. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Ohhh gotcah. I’ll catch you in the morning. Sunrise here we come.

  10. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Get anything good from Friday?

  11. Sure did 😉
    Scouted a few nice locations after as well. Shame it rained on me though mid morning.

  12. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Awesome. I’ve found another two waterfalls down here. Thought I’d stay with the waterfall theme.

  13. Shrew says:

    Hey, I just found your blog through flikr, wicked photo’s man. I know this and the other waterfall. I took my first handheld stitch at the other one nearly 5 years ago on a Powershot A70. I stopped taking photos until early this year and was thinking of revisiting these spots.

    I have something to aspire to right here. I am pretty happy to see such cool photo’s from my local area.

    Can I ask a quick question. I just started mucking around with RAW and was wondering if it is better to upsample before I start editing using layers and stuff, or should I leave it as a final step.

    My logic tells me it is better to do corrections with a larger image. Wouldnt this increase the margin for error when making selections etc.

    Seems logical to me, but cant find anyone to agree 🙂

    Anyway, keep up the work. Im more excited about photography having just seen these images. Seems like there is a bit of crew getting around. Who knows, I may bump into you lot one day.


  14. dylanfox says:

    Jamie mate I got a new waterfall on me blog for ya.

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