Australian Petrol Prices

Someone please explain to me. If the price of oil goes down by US$23 a barrel (from US$146 to now being around US$123 a barrel ) would you not think the price of petrol would go down some 20-25 cents per litre as well. So why it is still $1.50 a litre ?

If it went up buy US$23 a barrel I’m sure we would be paying 20-25 cents per litre more for petrol … So where is this government you voted for, what about their election promise to look more closely at these oil companies and the way the do business?

Why has there been no one asking the question “Why are we still paying $1.50 a litre for fuel when the price per barrel has dropped over 2 weeks ago by around 16%, Why do we even accept this current situation?

Rant over …… for now ūüė¶

Contact Fuel Watch if you have concerns about why the price is not going down as fast as the price of a barrel of Oil.


My email to the PM One hopes I get a response.

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Email Address: spool1968 ( @ ) yahoo dot com

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Comment: Can you explain to me why if the price of a barrel of oil has gone from a high of $146US a barrel to $122US a barrel in the last 3 weeks we have not seen at least a 25-30 cent reduction in the price of petrol at service stations.

If we had seen the price of oil go up $24US a barrel you bet within days we would see the price at the service stations rocket up 20-30 cents.

Why are you being soft in this time of declining customer confidence and declining oil prices. You stated before your election victory you would be looking at the price of petrol, yet when the chance comes to actually prove your worth, you have sadly not.

A very disappointed  consumer.




Thank you for your email dated 7 August 2008 to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (the ACCC) regarding petrol prices.


The role of the ACCC is to ensure compliance with the Trade Practices Act 1974 (TPA), which is designed to encourage fair trading and discourage anti-competitive conduct through a specific set of competition and consumer protection rules.


I note from your email that you are concerned that Australian petrol prices have not dropped at the pump following recent international falls in the price¬†of¬†oil. Petrol prices in¬†Australia¬†are determined by changes in the international price for refined petrol and movements in the Australian/US dollar exchange rate. There is generally a time lag of around 1‚Äď2 weeks between changes in these prices and price changes at the bowser, due to the averaging formula used by refiners in¬†Australia. This lag may be longer in country areas because fuel stocks are replenished less frequently due to lower volume of sales.


In addition, please note that the ACCC has no power to regulate wholesale or retail petrol prices in Australia. Retailers are free to determine their prices according to market conditions.


However, the ACCC has been formally monitoring petrol prices since 17 December 2007 when the Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Competition and Consumer Affairs, Mr Bowen, directed it to formally monitor the prices, costs and profits relating to the supply of unleaded petroleum products in the petroleum industry, pursuant to section 95ZE of Part VIIA of the Trade Practices Act 1974.


As part of our ongoing monitoring, the ACCC closely watches petrol and diesel prices in all capital cities and around 110 country towns. In addition, the ACCC follows developments in the petroleum industry and will enforce the provisions of the TPA if there is evidence that it has been breached.


The information provided in your email has been recorded and will be used in the context of the ACCC’s ongoing monitoring of petrol prices and petrol pricing issues.


If you require further information, the ACCC has issued a publication titled¬†Understanding petrol pricing in¬†Australia¬†‚Äď Answers to some frequently asked questions, which aims to help consumers to understand petrol pricing in¬†Australia. Copies of the booklet are available from the ACCC website at¬†


Thank you for contacting the ACCC.


Yours Sincerely,





ACCC Infocentre

Ph: 1300 302 502

What a crock of shit reply from them. Weak government weaker ACCC !


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9 Responses to Australian Petrol Prices

  1. jAMES says:

    Restaurants, now petrol, whats next ;).

    In my eyes one word explains it, “profit!!!”

  2. kirkhille says:

    Yeah I know ,
    The price of petrol is shocking and the goverment dosent seem to do anything about it . There just all bark and no bite when it comes to these companies seening as the goverment making a tidy profit from the taxes .
    Gald I down graded to a 4 cyc car a couple of years back now .
    As soon as these alternative cars (Hydrogen or decent electric cars) roll out I will be trading in .

  3. Not sure whats next jAMES, maybe this little show I have been watching called Afterworld and Russell Shoemaker’s travels. Its got me hooked after watching around 6 of them so far.

  4. Dylan Fox says:

    Nice header Neal.
    Just out of curiosity, have you tried it in B&W? Those clouds are awesome!
    I wasn’t sure if you ever ended up with a nice shot of the gate…. but i guess you did! haha

  5. Thanks Dylan, nope I have not tried it in B&W, this is actually a old shot from my visit in 2007 that was lying around that I thought I whack up. I took many shoots of the Gate this year as well but have not processed any yet.

    There is a hidden spot at the Gate that I have to get to next year when I go back. Its a fair hike and I would only do it if the conditions where perfect, so fingers crossed next time.

  6. So true Neal

    Don’t mean to go over the top of your discussion but you should try having to pay for diesel. It’s a good 40cents/L more! for something that costs less to manufacture. All of the petrol decreases seen the last few weeks hasn’t even touched diesel. I have a Cruiser, which is priceless on my btrips away. But day to day travel…..yeah we won’t go there. Just can’t afford a second smaller car. It used to cost about $180 for me to fill up, now about $220 (145L tank) I feel for the truckies, as diesel never seems to get a mention with the current prices.

    But yeah…don’t you do photography or somfin?? ūüėõ Lol

  7. Steve not going over the top at all. I only mentioned petrol because thats all we use. But yes you are 100% correct Diesel is cheaper to produce as it is a by product of processing petrol so why does it cost more, I have no idea and it baffles me.

    In the end we all pay for it regardless if we drive a petrol 4 / 6 or V8 or a diesel, we all eat and ned to be clothed and right there we are getting slugged because our election government does not have the stones or will power to take to task and work for the people.

    Yeah I do a little shooting now and then, but the wife likes that I use the blog as a sounding board sometimes.

    Anyone watch Afterworld? I just downloaded all 13 episodes from Itunes after catching a few on the Sci Fi channel last week.

  8. Would love to get rid of the petrol car, but until there is a viable alternative I am stuck. The current breed of hybrids are really not the solution with the mileage I do, plus they are just too small.

  9. Deon Swiggs says:

    great discussion. I was have just made a post on this about the price of oil to petrol in New Zealand. The price of crude is going down down down but the pump price is sitting high. even with exchange rates its still 50c over priced.

    read my arguement at

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