Thought I would post something a little different as we are all I guess used to seeing finished or near finished images posted so I thought here goes lets show the scars, warts and all.

Below is a series of images merged to create one Panoramic image. Both images are straight from DPP with colors and saturation set in the camera. I like to work this way and have been told many times why do I bother, all I can say is it works for me and if I want to process further in CS3 raw I can I just open the tiff in Camera raw. I still have all the controls I would if I went straight through camera raw with the raw image just now I spend less time in the digital darkroom.

Ok so first image is what the full scene I would like it to be and second is what I have managed to save so far from the collection of images. As you can see the first merge has an issue with the horizon and mountain in the background and try as I might in both PTGui and CS3 they will not merge these perfectly. I could if skills where a little better clone and work something, but not there yet, still working on that. 

So you have 2 images of a sunset down the road from Lahaina that I spent more time with the camera just sitting on the tripod and me just looking in awe than actually shooting (sometimes I feel I just have to do that) I stood there for a while conversing with a local family on how stunning the sunset was to which their response was, “its gets a lot nicer than tonight”. I gotta move to Maui 🙂

Enough chatter on to the pics 😉 Oh yeah the first image has spelling mistake, who’s reading the image anyway?

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13 Responses to Maui

  1. Wauv, must be tough living in Maui under such horrible conditions!
    If that first shot is your scars, warts etc. shot you are doing alright mate! That is a killer shot, just weird with that one big stitch problem. Really should be possible to get PTgui to stitch that properly. Try optimizing horizontal shift.

    The latter shot may have the best composition though, some very nice leading lines in the rocks and the clouds.

    Regarding your workflow, whatever works for you is the right workflow! One thing you should do before converting to tiff though is make sure the white balance is as you want it. While you’re in raw format you can change the white balance with no loss of quality, once you’re in tiff you could potentially loose information if you change the WB.

  2. Yeah life is tough in Maui, not t mention the Maui Gold Pineapples are so sweet as well.

    I usually take care of WB in DPP. I will have to work on learning PTGui a lot more as I have so many images with simuilr problems to this one that could end up being quite nice if I learnt that program more.

  3. Have you read my latest post, it’s a PTgui tutorial! I’m more than happy to help, email me if you like. I’ve only had one pano with a bad stitch problem (and I’ve shot a lot of them handheld) and that was because I was so jetlagged and unfocused the horizon was all over the place between shots.

  4. Just reading your post as I write on this blog 🙂

  5. nah surely not Flemming, you couldn’t have a horizon all over the place! 🙂

  6. Trust me CF, it happens!!! It happened as late as last night actually, got distracted, apparently Human Spirit Level Man sometimes runs into kryptonite!

  7. Beau says:

    They’re both great photographs, Neal. Shame about the stitching problem in the first one.. Hopefully you can figure out what the problem is!

  8. kirkhille says:

    Sunsets get better then that in Muai boy its must be hard not to get good photos I feel sorry for them having such hard conditions to live in lol .

    The light looks amazing , Both great shots
    Love the colors in the first image pitty about the stitching , still i think it would be salvagable with a bit of cloning .
    Yeah will have to have a play around with the setting in the camera less time in front of the computer has to be a positive 🙂

  9. Yeah i agree with Flemming, if this is the scratchy one-how good is the good one gona be!
    Both are stunning shots. I think i prefer the top one (apart from the error).
    I like the composition with the golden light with the island. But you must be pretty damn happy with both compositions!

  10. Love the header of Serpentine Falls.
    Looks like a nice bit of water heading over them at the moment. Great year for waterfalls in Western Australia!

  11. Dylan Fox says:

    Great shot Neal.
    I love the composition in that second shot!
    You captured some great colours! Looks like a photographers paradise.

  12. Colors are amazing over there. Add a grad or 2 and sit back and let nature do its thing.

    I wish I had my reverse grad I could of shot more towards the sun where the real color was. Next time I guess.

  13. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Neal,

    I’ll post some photos when I’m there for you. 🙂

    Jamie Paterson

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