Polar Bear Club

This shot was taken maybe 2 years ago. Down around Maroubra Beach there are some pools that seem to attract the most insane swimmers, butt freezing cold, strong winds and rough surf, yet they strip off and get in, INSANE! Did I mention most of them look like retired folks? I guess when you get to that age and you have seen it all and weathered what life can throw at you are not about to let freezing cold water, wind and surf stop you from getting more out of what this life has to offer. More power to them I say, cause I ain’t ever getting in water that cold at 6am. Especially in a pair of nut huggers like they do.

I had some ask if after it today as they could not find on my FlickR so here it is again with a little reprocessing from the original.

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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14 Responses to Polar Bear Club

  1. Looks freezing cold, never ever would I jump in that! You certainly succeded in capturing how cold, windy and rough it must have been

  2. lukeaustin says:

    Mate I love this shot and your other shot/shots from the Sydney beaches. I have been to these spots but never shot them. They offer so much photographically.
    Shots like these with the whole water movement thing going on always get me going. Shit! I mean they always tickle my pickle. Shit! I mean they always tickle my fancy! That’s what I meant.

  3. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    You know that I love this pic!!! Just that water rushing over the edge of the pool is unique and amazing.

  4. Mel says:

    Great pic i really feel like the water is moving.Love it!

  5. kirkhille says:

    Nice shot mate ,
    Love the movment you caught with the water .
    hopefully the weather will be good for me while im over there to get some shots like this

  6. Thanks guys for the comments, this image as ben sitting round gathering dust for around 2 years, Now I’m having second thoughts about it hmm …

    Oh yeah that water does look like its coming straight at you because I got pretty much saturated from m thighs down holding my ground for the shot.

    Looking forward as well Kirk to getting back, I have a few very nice locations lined up and a shoot with one of my favorite photographers at one of his favorite locations so weather permitting its going to be a nice shooting week.

  7. jamiepatersonphotography says:


    I reckon this is easily a portfolio shot. Its the first photo of yours that really struck me and inspired me. Obviously since then I’ve had the opportunity to see more of your work and I’m always continued to be impressed.

  8. tonymiddleton says:

    Nice strong composition added to by the water movement – yes they are nuts ! There is a similar group of senior citizens that going swimming at St.Kilda in Melbourne everyday/week too I think ! (and the bay at this time of year gets down to about 10C ! ). good on them for being active though….personally…bugger that !


  9. essa foto foi bem criada e é uma imagem muito linda !

  10. dylanfox says:

    I guess you know how to take a photo…. ha

  11. not sure why you’d be having second thoughts on a shot like this! i have to mirror everyone else about that water. it really is stunning!

  12. oat says:

    Beautiful work…love Mahon Pool.

  13. Welcome Oat to my little blog … Currently visiting your fair City.

  14. Leon says:

    When you get to that age Neal, you’ll be jumping in there too!

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