Well about time I posted something I guess. Have been in Sydney for the last 4 days with work commitments, but have found the time to get out and shoot a little in the mornings and evenings. Last night may of been the best light so far as the previous outings provided nothing but pretty bland sunrises and sunsets, pretty much a bust.

Driving up to Terrigal this morning you could see some nice fluffy white clouds on the distant horizon and checking the weather radar and forecast things could be looking nice for the 4 days of shooting the Central Coast.Ā 

Off to scout a location to shoot this evening right after writing this entry. Tomorrow morning location is already set in stone. Low tides and a 6am dawn to meet up with Brent Pearson his father and Oat for a shoot up at Forresters I cant wait and will no doubt have trouble sleeping tonight being the night before xmas for us landscape photographers šŸ˜‰


7.20pm Update : Just back from a shoot WHAT A FREAKIN SUNSET! Sweet location, sweeter light and not one freakin person on the beach … just me sceaming out F*#K YEAH at another nice capture after another šŸ™‚

A little sample. Straight raw file saved as jpeg, no stitch no crop no ps. All to come.

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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17 Responses to Sydney

  1. lukeaustin says:

    Good luck to you, I hope you get some great conditions. Lucky bastard.
    I need to go for a shoot as I’m suffering from withdrawals. It’s driving me insane.

  2. tonymiddleton says:

    lovely hues in this shot – sounds like fun the next few days and all the best with the light/shoots !
    nothing but overcast,drizzle and wind down here on the vic sth coast lately…


  3. Looks promising, have fun in Sinney and I look forward to seeing your finished panos!

  4. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    yeah yeah rub it in. I went to our favourite place yesterday and was taking a few shots in the ravine, I thought the light was pretty boring so I climbed up to the top of the ravine and saw an awesome sunset, but I should’ve been down at the beach.

    That’s the life of a landscape photographer I guess. šŸ˜¦

  5. Good to hear your out and about Jamie shooting, look forward to catching my when I am back

  6. Dylan Fox says:

    When do you head home Neal?
    I think I get back on Friday…… I am in NY and have spent the last two days in the city being a tourist!

  7. Back wednesday Dylan. NYC great street meat, man I miss those street dogs and those Gyros ROCK!

  8. Brent says:

    Hey Neal

    Nice one….. I’m looking forward to seeing your Forrester rocks shots. Shame the tide was a bit high and the surf was huge…… I hope you got back there at low tide to appreciate the magnificent rock shelf.


  9. Hi Brent

    Thank you again for taking the time out to meet up for a shoot. Looking over those mornings images I think I’ll get a nice couple of B&W. I saw you image you took of myself, damn thats a great shot, your a man of many talents.

    I did revisit Forresters a couple of times, saw the Zig Zag this time, the tide was very very low, took a bunch of images. I think at first glance I have a nice overall sweeping shot of the area. I’ll post up some samples in the next week or so.

  10. kirkhille says:

    Nice one mate looks very promising . Cant wait to see the rest .
    I got a few shots off in rotto , light wasnt great but some look promising .
    I see you caught up with matt and brent over there šŸ™‚
    Cant wait to head over there on Thursday , I think im going to have to get a few more memory cards before i go šŸ™‚

  11. Leon says:

    Incredible colors! Wish I was there!

  12. thomasparkes says:

    Great colours mate,
    Hopefully I get to see that colour soon.
    Nice simple image too.

  13. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Neal,

    Fantastic colours and composition this would be my favourite after the Half Dome and it just goes to show that a Western Australian Photographer can mix it up with the East Coast guys. šŸ™‚

    Jamie Paterson

  14. Painting with light. Remarkable piece.

  15. Thanks Studio Photo Rope, but this is straight from the camera, nd filters and long exposure, no PS work at all.

  16. Neil,
    Didn’t mean to imply that this was photoshopped. Matter of fact, “painting with light” is a photographic term that was around long before the boys from Adobe made it famous…lol
    Seriously, I can think of no greater compliment than to tell a fellow photographer he is “painting with light”, IN camera. Again, remarkable piece.

  17. No problem Studio Photo Rope, WIth a little bit of time I should have the full stitched version online early next week. This week has been rather hectic.

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