American Politics

I find the the current US Presidential race fascinating, part theatre part drama and so very entertaining to watch. Having watched most of these speeches since 1992. Today I managed to catch Sarah Palin the Republican VP nominee, this would have to be the most entertaining and lively speech I have seen yet. As with most politics details are always lacking in these speeches are quite boring in the tone and delivery, this speech surely was not. If you have not had a chance to see this speech and even if your not politically minded it is still very interesting to watch.

Part 1 of Sarah Palin Speech

Part 2 Of Sarah Palin Speech

For someone that has never spoken in front of a large audience before coming from a small population state of Alaska and what must be a huge amount of pressure after the mainstream media has attacked her on every personnel level possible, this speech was remarkable.

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4 Responses to American Politics

  1. merv french says:

    Excuse me for asking, you seem to have an interest in all things American, do you originate from there?

    Just curious,nothing else.

  2. Traveled there many times, like there food, football and a lot of hard rock bands that came out of there and the UK in the 70’s and 80’s. There politics is fascinating to watch, I think what hooked my to it was a VP debate years ago when a democrate said to a republican ” I knew John F Kennedy, and you aint no JFK” I thought that was such a classic rebuttle. Since then I have found it interesting watching, how they put there politics under the microscope is interesting to watch, main reason I guess is because Americans do not look to vote a party but the character of a person. I guess is like a huge reality show without the cheesy hosts?

    It kinda of like listening to parliament on 585 am news radio, I find it interesting to hear what these folks do with there days. Some days it is almost comical what goes on, that we pay for.

  3. merv french says:


  4. If I could email you Merv I could tell you more 🙂

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