Canon 5D Mrk II ?

Is this the Canon 5D MrkII

Could Canon be gearing up for a hugh promotional release for what must be, among canon cameras users as the most anticipated camera upgrade in years. Could this be the long awaited 5D MrkII or as some think 3D or 7D?

This very short flash movie is very teasing to say the least. Evolution they say.
I guess we will all know before the 19th of this month.

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11 Responses to Canon 5D Mrk II ?

  1. kirkhille says:

    Cant wait for it to come out . Ill be getting one for shore 🙂

  2. Yeah it could be hard to control myself when it comes out, but I should be able to manage for a little while.

    I don’t think I would ever sell my current 5D but it could be a back up someday.

  3. I feel its a case of a brand new shinny black camera, the will be hard to resist. I am happy with my 5D and I believe it actually produces a better image that the 1Dmrk II, many pros I have read think the same. What is does lack is image size, fps and a magnesium alloy body. 2 of those things I would like image size and stronger body.

    What the new 5D will have is a improved dynamic range, larger files both of which are high on my want list. Seeing what I have on the back on Jamies Camera and a friend of mine in the US their 1Dmrk III is nice step forward and I have a feeling we;ll see a lot of these improvements in the next generation 5D.

    I think we may see 2 new 5D cameras from Canon in the vein of there 1D line of cameras. I only hope there is no inbuilt HD video included in either model or at the very least one of the models does not have it all.

    In saying al that, I still am no where near using my current camera to its full potential.

  4. dylanfox says:

    Mate the 5D mkII is what I want to get!
    I think a car might have to come first though! Bit hard to get photos with out a car! Lucky I can use my mum’s!

  5. Have a read of fred miranda, there are many well respected pro photographers that prefer the 5 over the 1 mrkII You ay have to dig a littler deeper though these days as most of these posts where made in 2005/06/07.

    That being said it all boils down to who’s behind the camera and knows how to work the camera, I think we have all seen the quality and brilliance that can come from the 1D mrkII courtesy of CF.

  6. merv french says:

    There are still great or even brilliant shot’s being taken with 30d’s and 300’d and 400d’s,( and even Fuji and Linof’s) but an upgrage is always worth looking at.

  7. kirkhille says:

    Yeah I read about Nikkon new camera with the capabillty to take HD videos with a different lens . Still not sure about this .

  8. jAMES says:

    Funny this, have you seen Dpreview in the last 2 weeks since the 50d and the d90 announcement. People seem to be going crazy about these new cameras, hundreds of posts and heaps of slagging. A 5d Mk 2 could be nice, but i could just keep my current camera and get some more lenses.

  9. Geoff Pritchard says:

    …Just looking to purchase a D5 at the moment and spoke with a store just now. the answer I got was yes there will be a launch in the not to distant future, but didnt know what the name of the predecessor was, the sales bloke recons that it would be again assumed about a price of 4 to 4500 and Canon have stopped selling the D5 and can not get any more in…. not to sure how much i believe ie canon stop selling the D5 as I dont think I have met a person that owns one and hasnt raved about it. Either way it hasnt put me off getting one but around 2600 to 2900 depending on where you go Id rather pay that then 4-4500, anyone else thoughts???

  10. Geoff Canon stopped making the 5D some time ago. If a store does not have any in stock they will not be able to order any in. This was done on Canons part because of the impending release of the new model.

    I too look forward to the next model. I guess we could be looking in the $4-5K range as well for the new model. Rebates will come in time as well. There could also be 2 models of the updated model as well, so keep that in mind.

    You could always pick up a secondhand 5D for around $2000, still an awesome camera to be had.

  11. Geoff Pritchard says:

    Cheers thanks for that, I have intended to purchase a DSLR for sometime now and have been trying to engross myself in what is the better one for myself, lenses etc, I have always enjoyed photography and find it extremely calming. I took it off the list of things to do about 3 years ago after starting a design business purchasing and getting the nec hardware etc but obviously technology changes. Id dearly love any info, input, suggestions and experiences with the D5s and lenses primarily for landscape etc. … thanks for what you have told me as I was still under the impression that canon still made it, but makes sense with a new one coming on the market shortly
    Cheers again for setting me straight 🙂

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