Robert Plant

Some tunes just stick in your head for days. While I am no way a country music fan there is more than a hint of blues and a little 60’s feel to this tune by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. Plus Plant still has that soul in his voice that makes for chicken skin every time I hear it, at the 1 min 7 sec mark is just the coolest part. Has to be one of the coolest cats on the planet right there with Clint Eastwood.

1984 when I saw Robert Plant perform sometimes feels like just yesterday and after seeing at least a few hundred gigs in my time is still my number 1 show, it was just KILLER!

Plant and Krauss recorded a record called “Raising Sand” which has won a Grammy and been certified Platinum.

Here is a tune called “Gone Gone Gone” have a listen its pretty cool tune. And yes this was originally written by the “Everly Brothers”

Live Clip


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4 Responses to Robert Plant

  1. merv french says:

    I’ve been a fan of Alison Krauss for quite a while , she does stuff that is as smooth as liquid silk.

  2. Have to say Merv I have never heard of her. I took a listen to the whole record today and quite enjoyed 4 or 5 of the tracks. I had heard this tune Gone GOne Gone a few days back and its just stuck in my head, maybe its because it reminds me of my grandmother playing those old Everly Brothers records as a youth, not sure, either way I’m liking a few tunes of this record, would be very cool to see them play live in a intimate setting as the clip on the blog or a day of the green or a winery or something like that.

    Doesn’t hurt that I have been a Plant fan since shit before my teens years 😉

  3. Peter Hodgson says:

    Go the plantstar, Your right he hasn,t lost it, he,s just mellowed a bit. great stuff.

  4. beysshoes says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Robert Plant … I used to feel that way about Harry Chapin, who I kissed on the mouth after one of his concerts. And when he kissed me back it became one of my life’s best moments.

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