It’s Here Canon 5D Mark II

Well folks its finally here the next generation Canon 5D named Canon 5D Mark II. After waiting years for the release Canon have released what is more than likely the most anticipated camera in years. The Canon 5D Mark II

USA press release for the Canon 5D Mark II

Below are some of the specs.

– 21.1MP CMOS-wide Picture 
– DIGIC4 chip 
– 3.9 fps Continuous 
– 9 point AF AF system. All cross-sensitive to focus + 6assists 
– ISO 100-6400
– ISO expansion (L50, H1 12800, H2 25600)
– Viewfinder 98% rate outlook
– 3.0 920,000-pixel LCD (UCC with reflective coating)
– Live View
– 150,000 shutter durability
– AF for movie mode 
– Can shoot still image during movie mode 
– HD Movie Mode stereo recording up to 29 minutes FULLHD
– 14-bit RAW (21.10Mpx. SRaw1 (10Mpx). SRaw2 (5.2Mpx) 
– AF-focus adjustment 
– Automatic dust removal system. 
– No built-in flash 
– 810 grams weight
– Magnesium alloy construction 

I have also read it will be able to take images in the 16:9 format, strange if true but also quite handy if true. The build in HD movie facility is another strange one, but I guess we all know where this is going eventually. A little disappointed with the 9 point AF system and the shutter life of only 150,000. What I really like about this is the raw format of RAW: Approx. 25.8MB (5616 x 3744 pixels) Thats got to be a great thing.

Check out some of the image and HD movie samples here

Check out this HD Video shot on the new Canon 5D Mark II …. Quite impressive I must say.

Here is the full moon shot now showing the full image of the 5D Mrk II in all its glory. I am glad they kept the brand 5D and never went the 3D or 7D.

The BODY only price is under what I thought it would retail for at just under US$2700

Estimated arrival dates in the stores. Mid November 2008 Anyone interested in a mark I ? 🙂

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16 Responses to It’s Here Canon 5D Mark II

  1. kirkhille says:

    Sweet ,
    Not as bad priced as i thought it would be
    Hopefully will have some cash for one in the next couple of months
    I dont know about the HD movie thing but

  2. kirkhille says:

    Heres the pricing on Digital Rev for the camera and camera and lens kit

  3. Dylan Fox says:

    WOW that is a pretty good price!
    Looks like a sensational piece of equipment!

  4. For the price they want for it Kirk, you could buy a tkt to the USA, buy the camera and take a few shots in the US while you are there. Crazy if they think we don’t shop around. I run a business that imports goods from the US and we are always looking to stay competitive with the US company. Only yesterday I spent 4 hrs going over our new costs due to the AU$ dollar dropping below 80 cents, just to stay competitive. Shame some others don’t do the same.

  5. merv french says:

    I was really looking forward to this camera but I feel a bit let down.
    If I want to shoot video i will use my handy cam.
    It appears that the sealing is nothing special.
    150000 shutter, nothing special ,in fact behind most camera’s these days.
    9 point focus nothing new.
    3.9 fps not good for me.
    Live view got ,never use it.
    21MP, yeah good.
    DIGIC4 could be good??
    Price well????

    On the surface it doesn’t appear to be a break thru and won’t blow Nikon out of the water. I won’t be putting in an early order just yet.

  6. I guess we’ll have to wait and see after we see the results from a few pro’s in the field to make a judgement on how god this camera really is.

    I am pleased they have moved away from the current body material to magnesium alloy.

    As for the vid side of things, I can see where I could use this feature as a benefit to what I like to do.

    As for the sealing, who knows what environmental really means, again field tests but some pros will give us a better idea.

    Shutter I agree I would of thought more in the 200k range.

    Focus points. I was hoping for a little wider spacing and a few more, but lets wait and see what these 6 assist beams really do.

    3.9 fps way more than I already need, and I suggest if your looking at faster frame rates do you really need a full frame ?

    Live view, after using a 1d mrk III in 2007 and seeing Jamies, the potential for my use it HUGE.

    21MP agree great news, also the fact you can now choose 3 raw file sizes, a bonus for when you do take those happy snaps and don’t need physical size.

    DIGIC4 well it is the latest generation so one would think its is a improvement over and above what already is a stunning mk I model.

    The copyright protect is a great leap forward built right into the camera. Nice 🙂

    Price, for $2700 US I believe it is really priced well, especially when those rebates kick in in about 8 months.

    Maybe not as ground braking as the first model, but when you have already made full frame affordable, where do you go next – I guess reducing the price by around $800 on the mrk II release price as opposed to the release price of the mrk I model.

    One thing I was looking for was the eye piece ergonomics being improved, It looks to be very similar to the previous model, which I find could be improved a hell of a lot. I was also looking for a more robust grip as I find the current model to be a little small in my hands, a little more depth in the grip would be nice, something I could sink my fingers around as apposed to just holding on. Surface matters really, mine spends most of its life on a tripod anyway.

    Anyway just my 2 cents on first impressions. But it does seem like a serious camera for a damn good price when compared to the 1 series.

    As for Nikon, I really can not get to grips with the colors they produce.

  7. merv french says:

    I do agree with you ,it will take some time to see how it goes and I’m sure it will be a winner.

    I’ve had live view function for 12 mnths and are yet to even have a look at it.What is the huge use for it , am I missing something?

    I do sport shooting and around 6-8 fps is nice, as is full frame for landscapes I’d like to see them both together but that’s just a wish of mine.
    The vid would have a use but I don’t see it as a must have, but they will all go that way I guess.

    Maybe after the hype I was expecting a bit more.

  8. Merv you asked a question above live view. I can only answer from what I have seen and tried a couple of times. With doing landscape photography a lot of my images are taken with long exposures before and after sunset or sunrise when focus has issues. With live view you can adjust the exposure so the scene shows up with detail, then you can zoom in and pin point a focus point and manual focus so its tack sharp. So many times I have to pack the camera away as lack of light makes for focusing almost a crap shoot at best.

    Matt, yep those 21MP was a huge surprise, I was more thinking in the 15-18 range.

  9. Dylan Fox says:

    I certainly wasn’t expecting the 21MP either. Gotta be a nice thing for the nice stitches with stacked rows! Im thinking hi-res billboards now!
    To me the live view is something I am yet to use, but it sounds bloody handy!
    This image is the type of thing I would love it for…

    It was pitch black when I took this shot and being four images each at a 4 min exposure and thinking that this would come out sharp and in focus… I was obviously wrong!
    3.9 fps is nice, I dont really need it… if I wanted frames I would look at the 1Dmk3 with its 11 fps (I think)
    Shutter life pisses me of now since my 400D was even meant to have 100,000 I think….. only got about 24,000!
    I have used Nikons before and didnt enjoy them like I do Canon. It’s always Canons simplicity as apposed to Nikon that I love! haha

    Depending on its release date, it may very well be my next camera.


  10. merv french says:

    Thanks for the Live View answer maybe I should give it a try. I wonder if every one who has Live View on their camera use’s it.

    Do you think the suggested price of body only at about $5600 is a bit steep. I would rather go without the HD Vid and see it sell for $4600!!

  11. $5600 is WAY too expensive.

    Seeing as though that is about the price of the Canon Mark I when it came out YET Canon USA is selling the Canon Mark II for a $800 discount to what the original price of the Canon Mark I came out at. One has to ask the question why has that discount not followed through to us here in Australia by local retailers.

    If I purchase one it will not be from a local retailer at those inflated prices.

  12. merv french says:

    Just looking at a couple of forums and the genaral opinion seems to be “very nice but is it worth up grading this time around”.

    Also seems that a lot of user’s don’t really want HD Vid.

    I’ll wait a while I think and see how it all stacks up in the experts hands.

  13. For sure Merv, there would be no chance I would be one of the first to jump in. I’ll let the folks with deep pockets purchase work out where and if there are bugs, then maybe go in later when the rebates kick in. Thats what I did with my current 5D, see no reason to change my buying patterns just yet. Plus I still really really really like Jamie’s 1D Mark III and all those focus points 🙂

  14. Yep when I say Mark III I meant to say the Canon EOS 1Ds Mk III as jamie has. I wouldn’t even consider the Canon EOS 1D Mk III no FF

  15. We clearly have to think much more in that area to see things i can do regarding it.

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