Maui Mountains

While one thinks of places like Maui as being tropical, lush and green there are some areas of Maui that are quite similar to my home state. Maui has its own little dry land that is so close the tropical side you actually see the shades of green along side the mountain getting greener and most lush as you move away from the coast.

The Brown very dry and pretty much devoid of any large trees has a charm all itself, with miles of coastline and sunsets to die for. Maui is pretty much two extinct volcanoes with a section joining the two classed as the flat lands, pretty much where all the sugar cane and the sweetest pineapples I have ever tasted grow. 

On one side of one extinct volcano it gets pretty much 400 inches of rain per year or 10mtrs and on the other side it gets under 2 inches per year 5cm. This is caused by the height of the mountains and the tropical wind direction. If you think that is a lot of rainfall on this mountain, the mountain that makes up “The Road To Hana” gets over 1000 inches of rain a year or around 25mtrs of rain. No need to top the pool up on that side of the mountain 🙂

Below is a small series of images taken at 70mm with the Canon 5D of the dry side of the mountain. The only way way into these mountains is via chopper, whereas the other side of Maui is Haleakala where you can if you wish drive the “Road To Hana” itself an amazing place to see and one place I hope to one day spend a few days photographing.

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15 Responses to Maui Mountains

  1. lukeaustin says:

    Amazing shot Neal. You just keep coming through with them. The foreground is not what I would expect to see in Maui. Great shot.

  2. freekin spectacular man!
    i see what you mean by the similarity to here. bottom half yes, top half then blows you away. complete opposites! definitely not what you’d expect there.

    did you do any work on the rainbow? it’s such a brilliant colour. looks amazing

  3. Thanks Luke and Stephen. Nope no work to the rainbows. It was actually raining in one section of the image right in the center of the image between two peaks. Very strange weather pattern for someone not used to seeing things like that.

  4. Wow!!! beautiful pictures.

  5. Christian says:

    just beautiful Neal. The rainbow sets it off.

  6. Sean Stak says:

    Hi…. Neal is it? Just found your blog. Great stuff here, and good inspiration. Thanks!
    will keep an eye on it. On my blogroll it goes!

  7. Hi Sean, yep Neal it is. Thank you for your kind comments. I have added your blog as well.

  8. Dylan Fox says:

    Great shot Neal!
    I love the detail in this image!

  9. Thanks Christian starting to understand why you are so hot for that 85 😉 The larger this image is the better it looks. Will have to print off a copy next week at CFL.
    Thanks Dylan

  10. yeah it’s awesome hey. so unusual for us. most rainbows i see are so faint there’s no point even thinking about shooting them. really tops the image off here!

  11. A stunning shot mate, that really is a classic! Fine art for sure.

  12. thomasparkes says:

    Very nice Neal, I like it a lot. Well done.
    The rainbow is captured very well.

  13. Leon says:

    That rainbow is awesome. Great capture.

  14. yeah the 85mm will get you in just that bit closer and fill the frame more. Still the 400mm does a bloody good job too.

  15. Wow! Great shot of a double rainbow in the mountains! *thumbs up*

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