Southern California Pier

Just north of Ventura one of several old wooden piers that dot the coastline all the way up to Big Sur. Taken back in 2007, just a fun pic for the home photo album. Something a little different after spending most of the day working on images for the upcoming site, thought I go back check out some of the happy snaps from the 2007 vacation. Took quite a few of this pier, more than I remember taking. Anyway heres a little image tagged “Steam” taken from the Kip Winger record “This Conversation Seems Like A Dream” which I was listening to at the time.

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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12 Responses to Southern California Pier

  1. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Neal,

    I love this photo, to me its so rustic, antique and ulimately enthralling. Makes feel like I’ve stepped back in time, 50’s perhaps? Again another classy photo.

    Jamie Paterson

  2. kirkhille says:

    Nice shot mate ,
    Very classy old look to it as Jamie said .
    The editing suits it and makes it look like shot from 50s

  3. Dylan Fox says:

    Great shot mate!
    Thats all i have to say! haah

  4. lukeaustin says:

    Looking forward to your new site.

  5. We are not far now, could be next week.

  6. reminds me of my time in LA, nice timeless feel and so American. Hope I can get back there one day.

  7. I have not been back since 2007 and even then as soon as we cleared the airport and picked up the car we drove straight up the coast to a nice little town called Camarillo just south of Ventura and Santa Barbara and bypassed it totally in 2008. I would bypass LA on all future trips myself and land in San Francisco, in is just not the same place it once was in the late 80’s through to the late 90’s when I made several trips to catch bands in the summer touring months.

    Why would I bypass it. Traffic. Sure it had traffic before but nothing like I experienced in 2005 and 2007, trips that I once did in 20 mins now upward of 3 hrs. Another reason, its just exploded with people where once you could stroll Sunset checking out the Rainbow / Roxy and places like the Guitar Center now you in bumper to bumper traffic with no chance of find a place to park let alone get out and walking. Plus Sunset Grill is gone in place of a modern grill/rest, shame shame shame.

  8. Sean Stak says:

    Nice shot. I dont think the 50’s look is as appealing to me as others since i wasn’t alive during the B n’W photo era. But stuff that, Good shot anyway!

  9. Don’t think many of us where alive in the 50’s on these blogs Sean, but I just realized you never saw most of the 90’s Damn!

    Wonder where photography will take someone like yourself with so many years ahead of you.

  10. Elva Ghosten says:

    I surely must think far more in that way and see what i can do regarding this.

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