Western Australia South West

In anticipation of the coming season of photography I went through some older files and found something that I thought would come up pretty nice when processed. A gem of a spot in the Dunsborough region of Western Australia’s South West Coastline. Looking forward to many trips to this region and the landscape photography opportunities it provides for the avid landscape photographer.

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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12 Responses to Western Australia South West

  1. kirkhille says:

    Nice processing mate turn out really great .
    Love the light painting in this shot . I been doing the same and going through all my old shots seeing if there is stuff in there i can improve with a bit more PS . Hopefully we will get some better light here in WA as the last month and bit has been pretty dull

  2. thomasparkes says:

    Awesome Neal,
    I love the light on the vegetation, and the are where the rocks meet the sky, beautiful pastels.
    Id have that on my wall.
    Well done.

  3. Dylan Fox says:

    Great image mate!
    Is this at Sugarloaf by any chance?

  4. Thanks Kirk

    Thanks Thomas

    Thanks Dylan – Yep pretty sure it is

  5. hhhmmmm. i really don’t know why….but this didn’t really get me the first couple of times i looked at it. just saw it then and it got me. and got me good. really don’t know why such a difference….

    but yeah i really like the water colour, then the hill on the right is just magic.

    by the way where is your header from?? i know you said you’d post it soon…. i’m just impatient!! 😛 is it Naturaliste lighthouse??

  6. Thanks Stephen, this image had a similar affect on me. I would like to reshoot it though as I am not too happy with the framing.

    Heading south again very soon so hopefully I get the chance.

    The header is from the Central Coast of NSW. I was hoping to post it here over the last few days but just been really busy. I will post it when I get back.

    You can preview the image over at Spool Photography

  7. ah ok. i was just a bit off on my guess!! just presumed it must be another from your weekend of magic.
    good luck with your trip down there when you get there.

    yeah it’s funny how the slow creeping interest in a photo sometimes generate into some of the better images. kinda like girls. the stunners get you straight away, then you get the others that slowly grow on you and you end up being more interested in them!

  8. Yeah Stephen, your analogy is very true.

    Thanks Matt – I had a chance this weekend to stick my nose in a couple of CF galleries and have a quick chat with him as well. Your comment has me puzzled in how one should interpret it.

    Maybe I am just really freakin tired with just over 8 hrs sleep in the last 72 hrs.

  9. Nope had myself 10hrs sleep last night still comment still reads like a backhand ….

  10. Explanation understood. Your comment “how your work was looking like his” in your original comment can be read and was read by some as I was just out the clone CF. I think you could have chosen better words.

  11. Neal, am really loving your images. Christian, Mat, you and the other guys give stiching a very good name….I’m such a laggard.

  12. Thanks Michael. You have some amazing work. Love your Tahoe pics, but then again that place is one of my favorite places on the planet.

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