A Maui Sunset

Not much to tell on this one. On the beach, shorts ‘n’ t-shirt, toes in the sand, tropical breeze on my back, sun starts to set, I set up camera, sky lights up like your on Mars, I take shot, shot looks nice, I think thats a keeper no need for another shot, I hang around and just stare. Pretty damn simple in some parts of the world.

Take me back already!

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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17 Responses to A Maui Sunset

  1. Some days it is just so bloody hard work being a photographer πŸ˜€
    Shame about the few bits of blown highlights but wow what view.

  2. Martin says:

    Fabulous colours!
    The composition works for me, with the trees on the right, sand and reflecting wet sand in the foreground, and the rocks add some more interest too.

  3. kirkhille says:

    Nice shot mate
    Amazing sunset the sky looks like its on fire .

  4. oh man this is amazing!
    great composition, really love the rocks.
    that sky is awesome hey

  5. Thanks Flem, most times for me its like that. Images looks fine on here, and the histogram looks ok, but will d-check it all when I do the final edit.

    Thanks Martin

    Thanks Kirk

    Thanks Stephen

  6. great exposure Neal, impressive.

  7. Mel says:

    Holy crap that is amazing!Definatly a fav of mine.

  8. Thanks Christian

    Thanks Mel – You have a way with words, I like it πŸ™‚

    How about that thunder and lightning tonight, could be in for a killer sunrise in the morning. I think I will be heading out somewhere just in case for a shoot.

  9. thomasparkes says:

    Great colours Neal, fine capture.

  10. lukeaustin says:

    That’s freakin awesome. You make taking the shot all too easy. I’d probably lose the plot when confronted with a sunset like this.

  11. Luke Austin says:

    Did anyone manage to get out and shoot any lightning last night? It was pretty wild outside.
    Neal what was the sunrise like this morning? Did you get up in the end?

  12. Thanks Thomas

    Thanks Matt

    Thanks Luke – I woke around 4.30am it was pitch black, blowing a gale and raining quite heavy, I went back to bed. Lets hope this evening things get better.

  13. Dylan Fox says:

    Amazing shot! How was your histogram looking? Were you keeping them towards the right to avoid any blow outs?

  14. tonymiddleton says:

    fantastic sunset sky Neal ! The ‘underdeck’ is glowing so profusely across the depth of the sky – gotta love that ! πŸ™‚

  15. Clint Baker says:

    Wow another great shot neal…… like kirk said the sky looks like its on fire, bloody great well done

  16. Dylan Fox says:

    I wanna put this in my new page already! I might have to slow down on making it a Spool Page!

  17. Thanks Dylan – Go for it if you want.

    Thanks Tony

    Thanks Clint

    Glad folks like the image, Shame this one will not print up much bigger than say 24 inches, so I will have to look at my 8 image capture as this weeks stitch project …

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