Marin Headlands

Taken earlier this year after sunset on the Marin Headlands about a mile or two from where we stayed in Mill Valley. Spent most of the day exploring places like Fort Barry, Fort Cronkhite and the NIKE missile site. Whilst taking in the sights of the area we ran into Neal Schon a guitarist from the band Journey and projects like Hardline, Bad English, HSAS and was once a guitarist with Carlos Santana. He was doing a photo shoot with a bunch of very cool looking choppers and his signiture Gibson Les Paul Guitar. After a brief chat and the usual “When the hell are you bring your band to Australia” we where on our way to the 150 year old lighthouse at Point Bonita.

This lighthouse can be heard and I shit you not, just about every where on the coastline north of the Golden Gate, yet when you get right up close its not that loud. Must have something to do with the acoustics of the headlands. Very cool and a little unnerving hearing the lighthouse when shrouded in fog in the freezing cold very empty Marin Headlands Park, just me on the beach, wife rugged up in the car, coyotes and deer in the hills and maybe a mountain lion or two keeping an eye on those deer.

In spring there is a wildflower explosion on the hills seals right at the foot of the rocks Great Whites just off the coast and then the Raptor migration in the fall season, there is always something to see and do in this area.

There is also a really very cool one way road at what looks like a dead end that takes you all the way down to the beaches and some very cool views of the Golden Gate, next time I am hoping for just a little less fog so I can capture the Bridge in nice light.

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8 Responses to Marin Headlands

  1. Great story and a lovely very calm and peaceful shot (even though I guess you were freezing!)

  2. love it, has an apply image look to it.

  3. Thanks Flem, yep I remember that evening in particular being pretty cold. I parked the car a long distance from this shot as this beach is huge with the car park a long way up the coast, walking back it was pitch black and cold and I could not get the wife’s attention to drive up to pick us up either.

    Thanks Christian, what does apply mean though? I really need to do a couple of more small touch ups on thi image looking at it again.

  4. kirkhille says:

    Really like this image mate ,
    love the colors and done a great job with selective light painting

  5. thomasparkes says:

    Great shot Neal.
    Again the pastel colours are awesome. The water is quite unique, very different from any other shot I have seen.

    Great addition to the shop, you may need to consider a ‘Limited Edition’ category soon.


  6. Dylan Fox says:

    Thomas, Neals stuff is as limited as it gets!
    I like it and I think Fletch is right.. it does look like and apply image shot.
    I would have to say that the blacks need to be brought back just a smidge, and I mean just a smidge. But otherwise I really like it. Different to your other images.

  7. Leon says:

    Pretty cool that you ran into Schon. Love the exposure on the water in this one.

  8. Matt Reed says:

    This is an awesome photo, I’m a big fan, I hope your proud!

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