Maui Sunset Version II

Well, I did say I took one shot on the past post from this area. Not correct I took several 😉 although the previous post was the last shot for the evening, this shot was a series of 8 images taken from a slightly different angle. The final result being something large enough to get a 60 inch print from.

I found this image to be close to the most challenging so far (hardest still working on and its been months so far, I just can not get it right). The colour tone difference from right to left proven to be quite hard to merge in both PTGui and CS3. So I ended up doing it manually (what the hell was I thinking last night).

I usually try to wait for similar wave action for each frame and really do not know what I was thinking or even if I was, on the evening I took these images. In the end I am quite happy with the result and size 47 inches before resizing, but not the amount of time in post production.

Time taken in post production around 9 albums, thats CD’s to you kiddies out there, or around 90 tunes for those that use Itunes.

Not in order of playing time

1. Alex Masi – Attack Of The Neon Shark
2. Paul Stanley – Live To Win
3. Van Halen – Van Halen II
4. Damn Yankees – Don’t Tread
5. Ozzy – Bark At The Moon 
6. Led Zeppelin  – Physical Graffiti 
7. Baby Animals – Baby Animals
8. KISS – KISS Alive II
9. Van Halen – Fair Warning

And the warmed up version which hardly makes a change on the jpeg web 72 dpi version

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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20 Responses to Maui Sunset Version II

  1. merv french says:

    Great shot and well worth the effort. To me there’s something not quite right though. Not sure what it is but when I look at the picture it’s there and I think it’s on the left hand side.
    I know that sounds strange but it’s the way I see it. It could be in the color or the perspective not sure, my mind is saying it’s just not quite right.

    I do like the picture it’s great and I’m not having a shot at you either, it’s just way I see it . Sorry I can’t be more helpful, keep working it.

  2. I know what you are saying Merv, its been a frustration for many hours … The different light reflections off the water was the major problem, I went with a slight motion blur, but maybe I need to really bump up the blur some more to help blend it better?

  3. Mel says:

    Well …I never knew you were a Kiss fan Neal!!Who would have guessed we have a similar taste in music.Iam off to see Def Leppard on friday night can’t wait.

  4. So am I Mel … and in December one of my all time favorite guitarists is coming to Perth George Lynch, that going to be such a cool night. Can’t wait.

    Heres a few images from the Paul Stanley solo tour I took first row I took last year

    And heres a few from a guitar clinic given by George Lynch a coupe of years ago I took

  5. kirkhille says:

    Great shot mate ,
    Looks like you got a lot of keepers from that trip .
    I know what you mean about timing the waves right . Motion blur does come in handy when they dont stitch right .
    Only done a few manual stitchs manly vertical ones which for some reason PS3 dosent like to stitch up properlly .

    Have you tried a slight warming filter to the far left frame shot , The far left shot seems a little colder white balance then the rest ?

  6. Thanks Kirk, I’m on it 🙂

  7. lukeaustin says:

    Beautiful shot Neal. You’ve done a pretty good job on the sand reflections. Always a challenge in shots like this. I have a fair few stitches I have simply given up on. Hopefully I will revisit them when I can be arsed.
    Also… How much can you get away with upsizing your images from their original size without loosing quality? Or still getting satisfying enough quality for a sell-able image?

  8. I really do not know the correct answer to that question Luke, maybe some pro like CF would be able to give a lot more informed answer.

    I try and have all my images around the 40 inch plus mark before any upsizing or downsizing. I guess I could be playing it safe I am do not know.

    I have only printed of one image that was under 40 inches after processing that I had printed at 60 inches. It sits above my TV and looks pretty good on canvas. This image was only 27 inches when it was processed thus never made it to the online portfolio.

    Golden Gate Bridge

    I have many images in this size range that one day I would love to reshoot

  9. love it Neal, clean, sharp and beautiful, yes the left needs to be darkened or something but it didn’t bother me until I read Mervs comment. Still think its a winner. As for upsizing Luke. On canvas you can get away with heaps. Still I have blown a 25mb file up to a 60in and it looked pretty good. The average punter doesn’t know the difference anyway.

  10. Mel says:

    Those shots of Paul are great!!!!Vlll is my fav lov’n it,but really Gene is the man for me.

  11. Thanks Christian, I will go back over this image and work it a little more.

    Thanks Mel. One day I’ll go over the some 200 pix from the 2 nights I saw the tour pick out a few cool ones and process with what I know now. At the time I did them the first time I was not even using layers.

    Gene is the most approachable. Of the countless times I have seen that band over the past nearly 30 years the solo shows I saw in 2007 where just incredible.

  12. Mel says:

    I disagree he was friendly to me,I have met them twice.I think in his case you need a good set if you know what i mean…..maybe that was your problem!LOL

  13. He was nice enough but yes a good set would get more attention.

  14. Dylan Fox says:

    Nice shot mate but with these sunsets it usually seems as soon as the glowing clouds fade away you get a very abrupt line in the water. It happened in my Heaven image right in the middle of one of the frames. A motion blur helps but these cold areas are simply a pain in the ass! Maybe a 3:1 version might work?….

    I have recently sold an image of original size 11×11 inches and blew it up to 40×40 inches and it looked bloody awesome! I would actually like to try printing it bigger!

  15. What a gorgeous view, that sunset is a killer. Only problem as has been pointed out is that left part of the shot, that first 1/6th or so. It almost looks as if it’s from another shot, it’s so different in colour and reflection. The leading line is from left to right, so we start off on the left and then go into the sunset and there’s such a bit change.

    As for printing, I think sometimes people get a bit too obsessed with number of pixels wanting enough pixels to print 150cm wide at 250dpi. Yes it’ll look outstanding, but… I have found that even a single shot 5D as long as it’s a perfect clean and very sharp shot can look very very good at 150cm wide. It’s not 250dpi of course, but it still looks very very good.

    Heck, the 8 meter wide print I sold was from a single 5D shot – 4300 pixels wide at 8 meters. I thought it would be awful but viewed from about 2 meters away it was pretty damn impressive. So don’t get too hung up on the amount of pixels, make sure you get super clean and sharp shots and that will go a very long way.

  16. Thanks Dylan – The image is already at 3:1 just looks wider as it is 99 degree view

    Thanks Flem – the sky was a problem but thats how it looked as you will see from a previous image pointing I too a shot facing the other way and it is all nice and pink. I’ll have to try some darkening of the left a little more as I really do not want to crop out the left as I like the island off the coast and the nice rock at the bottom left.

  17. thomasparkes says:

    Great simple composition Neal. Awesome cloud.

  18. Dylan Fox says:

    Yeah sorry Neal it does look wider than 3:1
    Yeah I really like what the left hand side does for the composition but it really is tricky.
    Hope you can get it right!

  19. still an amazing shot but definitely would be topped off if you can get the left side fitting in a lil more somehow.
    the right side is so intense and sharp, i can’t quite appreciate the left as much sorry

  20. Thanks Thomas – You got the beer and snacks ready ?

    Thanks Dylan – Beer goggles Dylan ?

    Thanks Stephen – yep a work in progress

    Thanks Matt – 7 records during one day and 2 the next morning …. Remember I really only work 2 or 3 hrs a day.

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