Spirits In A Material World

Single image shot taken after sunset recently on a trip down south of Western Australia’s stunning Cape Naturaliste coastline. Note to self purchase white light.

Process time, about 4 Police tunes hence the title.

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13 Responses to Spirits In A Material World

  1. kirkhille says:

    Great shot mate ,
    Love the motion blur in the sky and the blue color pallaet .
    Still havent gone through my long exposures from this area

  2. Dylan Fox says:

    wouldn’t some light painting look awesome on this shot!
    Very nice shot either way!

  3. pretty wicked shot Neal.
    looks like the waves were perfect for some long exposures!

  4. Leon says:

    Fantastic, Neal. That water looks so milky smooth.

  5. Bree McMillan says:

    Wow … that is a bloody nice shot you got there Neal. Impressive

  6. Thanks Kirk – All the blur is 100% natural, and after seeing how this long exposure turned out I am keen to do some more

    Thanks Dylan – I would like to try some painting sometime, just need to get a good white light source.

    Thanks Stephen – It was fairly rough so the exposure time of 73 sec really gave the misty look. I’m glad the image did not turn out with that very strong blue tone that sometimes can happen, there still seems to be quite a bit of black in the blue tones so happy with that.

    Thanks Leon – You must be having a ball at present with all those stunning fall colors in Northern California, so wish I was there with you shooting. Maybe next year I will be.

    Thanks Bree – Totally winged it. I took 3 captures of from this spot all look pretty much the same, so just chose the second shot to put on the blog.

  7. tonymiddleton says:

    wonderful image Neal ! I love the light and detail on the boulders in particular…

  8. Excellent work all around. Beautiful image.

  9. Damien says:

    Superb image mate!!! I am heading down there next weekend so wouldn’t mind knowing what time you took this – was it early morning or sunset?

  10. Love the composition. Love the valley view shot above even more.

  11. Thanks Tony

    Thanks Scott

    Thanks Damien – I’ll be down there as well for a few days, sunset was the time.

    Thanks Peter

    Thanks Michael – I like the header as well, soon I hope to have this image within my galleries. Just not sure where I am going with that image just yet.

  12. cuongpham says:

    this is amazing!

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