New Project For Photographers

Here is a little project I feel has good potential. It all based around photography location guides and was put together by fellow photographer and good guy Brent Pearson.

Its called Open Source Photography Guides, Detailed Photo Guides… Written by photographers for photographers. Yet I feel there is a chance for contributers to gain exposure outside of just other photographers. The site will be featured in Decembers Better Photography Mag and already has Peter Eastway as a contributer for New South Wales.

Today I completed my first Knol.


If you would like to be part of the Open Source Photography Guides project and maybe gain some exposure all you have to do is write a knol. Free Photo Guides Australia is a link to the main site for Australia. As you can see New South Wales Australia has quite a few contributers already and I now looking for WA contributers to the project. It can be a ongoing contribution or just the odd knol or two. Its all welcome.

On the Main Home page you can download a PDF file detailing the steps to contribute. Or if you have any question please feel free to email myself and we’ll get you started.


About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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7 Responses to New Project For Photographers

  1. kirkhille says:

    lol dam I was writing up about the same area lol .
    Should have a couple finished shortly for the site
    the sites been getting great reviews on the web so far

  2. No problem Kirk, I was not sure about which location I should be doing first so I went with this one.

  3. caseysmith says:

    Spool I have just looked at your website and wow you have some really nice work on there, I am yet to have a good look at your blog but I will be coming back on a regular basis thats for sure..


  4. Thanks Casey …

    Wheres all the WA photographers, New South Wales and now Queensland is kicking our butts …

    Thanks Kirk will be in touch to get your knol pages listed on the WA page soon.

  5. looks like a great idea hey!
    might see if I have some time to do an area you guys haven’t been to.
    not sure what I could add though. had a look at Matt’s and they look pretty comprehensive! it’s a great way to scout out a location a little bit before you get there. think it will definitely be pretty successful.

  6. Thanks Stephen, I think is a great idea. I am currently away shooting this weekend, but will be in touch monday to get you started on a knol or 3 🙂

  7. Stephen shoot us an email at spool1968 (at) yahoo dot com to get you started on your google knols …

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