Canon 5D For Sale

Canon 5D for sale. Under 27000 shutter count. shutter count is approx as there is no real way of counting the shutter count on the 5D. Image numbers go up to 9999 and I have rolled over twice with the current count at 6800.

Included items are

  • 1 Canon 5D “Body Only”
  • 4 batteries
  • 1 Battery Charger
  • 1 Camera Strap
  • Canon Software DPP
  • All in Original Box
  • Postage Not Included

$2050 AU

Email me at spool1968 ( at ) yahoo dot com



About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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11 Responses to Canon 5D For Sale

  1. Brent Pearson says:

    Hey Neal

    What are you trading up to? I’m assuming your not getting out of the photography game 😉


  2. Mrk II Brent – I’ll leave the Nikons dark side to you 😉 … you calling this evening?

  3. mervfrench says:

    I thought you were going to wait.

    I had one on order for delivery in 2 weeks but I’ve decided to wait seeing as there is no support for the RAW files with ACR for a little while. I’d like to check out a production model first anyway.

  4. @ Merv I was offered a very good deal below the current advertised prices at the major places in WA. Cant say the price but it was too good to pass up. I was told I would get the first one they received so I can keep my end of the deal.

    @ Matt no ones go them yet …. Soon is the word ….

  5. mervfrench says:

    Yeah good one, never let a bargain slip by. They have come out a little under the price I expected and I suspect they are going to be in high demand so there may be a wait for them to be freely available. The order I had was for the 27th of Nov delivery, and all the dealers say they are getting the first supply.

    The Adobe thing really bugs me. As I understand it the support for CS3 has finished, so you have to update to CS4 and ACR version 5 or whatever and that won’t support the mk2 for a while yet as the 50d has only just been added and that has been around for a while now. Then I’ll need decent software for the video given that it is HD, and the bucks just keep flowing. It comes down to wants and needs at the moment and I don’t like being held to ransom either.

    Another lens looks the goods at present that 85mm could be the go.

  6. pretty tempting Neal.
    i’m in need of a new camera, definitely time to upgrade!
    just wish i had some cash…. 😦 i doubt it’ll still be available in a few months but if it is…. let me know 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the images you guys get from the new 5d Mrk 11.
    you must be getting pretty excited with it gettin so close!!
    good work on gettin a deal too!

  7. @ Merv – the Adobe thing bugs me a bit as well. I was going to wait but a deal was struck so now I wait like others. The 85 would be a great choice of lens. I’m still in two minds about where to go with lenses right now.

    @ Stephen sure am looking forward to the mrkII not that there is anything wrong with the mrkI it still is a great camera.

  8. Sean Stak says:

    Aww i dont wanna have to buy CS4… i reckon adobe will upgrade it soon though, seeing as the mk2 is so popular. what im bugged about is they dont seen to be updating lightroom.
    Stephen i know what you mean about the lack of cash. Doesent it bug you seeing all these blokes preordering mk 2’s?

  9. haha yeah Sean we’re gona be left in their dust! 😛

    look at the images they’re getting with what they have now. just imagine what they are gona get with the new toys!! what, another 10 or so mega-pixels for a start. i don’t even want to think about the other benefits…. i will enjoy viewing though 🙂

    stay living at home Sean, you’ll then have all the money you need!! lol

  10. Sean Stak says:

    Yeah it pisses me off… although i like to think that i’m gonna be a pro with a big expensive camera by the time im 30. Half way there and still got 15 years!

  11. Levi says:

    I’m sure somebody will be very happy with your 5D, we all know it’s capable of capturing a lot of great photos.

    And congrats of the 5DMkII purchase! Any idea when yours is arriving? I’ve had min on order for over a month, still waiting! Should be in the next week or so though. Be sure to test for the black dot issue that some people are getting (see

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