Perth Beaches

The clouds were nice today and after watching Marion Barber destroy Washington’s defense in the 4th and take the win, it was time to go outside.


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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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13 Responses to Perth Beaches

  1. kirkhille says:

    nice shot mate , been nice clouds and light for the last few days . Deffinatly making up for September 🙂

  2. Dylan Fox says:

    Nice shot!
    What beach is it?

  3. Clint Baker says:

    I agree to with kirk, im liking the cloud and light at the moment…. i might drive around and shoot some beaches on wednesday if anyone else has a day off haha

  4. gees watchin sport and then taking photos of beaches during the week….gggrrrr!!! 😛

    nice shot, shows we can get some nice water down here too!

  5. Yep and I just finished downing a nice fat juicy homemade hamburger while watching monday night football. Go Bills 😉

    Clint if the clouds look good I may do the same. Car service thursday and friday I have appointments in the morning so wednesday maybe the go.

  6. kirkhille says:

    I dont have work tomorrow as well was going to see if any one was interested in a morning shot as well ?

  7. I maybe up for a morning shoot but now have to back by 8am have a delivery between 8 and noon.

  8. Clint Baker says:

    yer im keen for a morning shoot….. where u thinking kirk??

  9. I’l be at cot round 5.20am Clint …

  10. Clint Baker says:

    no worries ill see u there

  11. Bring some nice light with you this time … 😉

  12. Clint Baker says:

    hahahaha o crap now im worried hahahahaha

  13. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Love this shot Neal. I really feel like I’m standing there with the wind blowing in my hair. Great shot.

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