More Yosemite National Park

What can I saw, it is an awesome place to photograph. This is the 3rd in the series of Yosemite National Park 70mm Vertical Stitches of the shear granite size. I just love the way the light plays against the sharp edges of the granite at sunset at Yosemite. Amazing what people photograph, we met a born and breed retired New York couple while at this spot and they where photographing the bird life, rattling off names of birds and their breeding habits, but I got them off that subject on to more important things like New York Pizza 🙂

I know the spot this was taken as it was just across the meadow from the image I posted earlier in the week September MMIX

While is was a far walk, it was worth every step.

mercedriverwall-blog In Action Pic 🙂


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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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14 Responses to More Yosemite National Park

  1. lukeaustin says:

    Another jaw dropping landscape. Just imagine living nearby a National Park such as Yosemite. Love the shot mate.

  2. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Gorgeous colours and great composition Neal. Well done yet again!

  3. Sean Stak says:

    Wowzers thats incredible.

  4. Clint Baker says:

    Great shot mate,… would love to see it in a large print!!

  5. Thanks Luke – I know a couple of photographers that live really close, they make numerous trips a year into the park. I wish I was one that could as well, and if I was there the first place I’d go to is Stefano’s Pizza in Mill Valley and buy myself 1 large garlic cream chicken pizza and not have to share it with the wife this time 🙂

    Thanks Jamie

    Thanks Sean

    Thanks Clint – The larger the file the better this one looks. would be my favorite of the 3.

  6. dylanfox says:

    Love it Neal!
    The trees and such give a great scale as to how bloody big this rock is! It looks fantastic!

  7. A stunner mate! It’s clear that you love this place, your passion really shows through in your images. I’m not a big fan of green so I might have desaturated that green reflection in the water but that’s just me. Brilliant shot. Tried a duotone of this?

  8. Thanks Dylan – You could be there right now shooting the snow season 😉

    Thanks Flem – I as well was not sure about the green tree reflection and have 2 other copies on files with the green de-sat and a version where I made that area somewhat darker. In the end looking at all 3 I went with the version on the blog, but really I could of flipped a coin on 2 of the 3. One will end up a stock image or something else I have in the works for the new year. I have no tried the duotone though …. yet 😉

  9. kirk hille says:

    Love it mate ,
    Another great one for the collection
    This is a place i got to visit one time looks like an amazing place to photograph .
    I was watching a discovery channell the other day and they were at this place with guys climbing up the side of this granite face one guy beat the world record and climbed it in under 2 hours .

  10. Thanks Kirk – I am looking at late September early Oct 09 for a return visit. I saw that show as well 🙂

  11. nice Neal, I’m not a fan of the green either, might look better warmer, i.e. yellow orange.

  12. Thanks CF I’ll have to try that out as I only have a desat one as an alternative…..
    Found a pic today that the wife took of myself about to take this actual pic, pretty cool I;ll have to post it along with this image.

  13. Leon says:

    Excellent shot, Neal. The detail is amazing.

  14. Beau says:

    Nice Neal, loving all of your photos from Yosemite. Keep ’em coming 😉

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