Western Australia’s Southwest Coastline

Taken on a recent trip to the South West Region of Western Australia. While the sunset did not prove to be what we had hoped for there was a couple of breaks in the overcast day that enabled us to get a few shots in of these amazing large boulders right at the shoreline. 

Will definitely be going back to this spot.


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6 Responses to Western Australia’s Southwest Coastline

  1. kirkhille says:

    nice shot mate ,
    Yeah pitty about the sky , deffinatly going to head back here next time im down .

  2. cool shot.
    really like the grading in the sky.
    brings you down nicely to the rocks, which look great with that moss.
    love the water action just in front of the rocks too.

    that is all after 2 full screens of scrolling down! :-p
    just joking, but this thing is long! how big does this print??
    it does look good this size, don’t get me wrong 🙂

  3. Mel says:

    Nice vertical,i like the composition 😉

  4. Dylan Fox says:

    Nice shot mate looks like a great location!

    Even though I have done my fair share of vertical panos I am interested to know how others do them as far as using their filters go….? I often slide mine in as the sky comes into the next shot or sometimes just leave it on for every image but for the lower shots have it all they way up. (if that makes sense)

    I have never had a problem doing it but just curious as to how others go about it!


  5. Thanks Kirk
    Thanks Stephen
    Thanks Mel
    Thanks Dylan – For me it would depend on every scene and what I envision the end product. As you can see with this image I had the filter on a slant and above the horizon as for the lower images where the over lap of the sky was going to be I pushed it all the way up. I wanted to accent the light that was already visible at the location, thus the slant. I do not follow any hard and fast rules, I just size up what is present and look for ways to either punch it up or down. In the end I shoot what I think looks nice.

  6. Dylan Fox says:

    So basically the same as me other than the cool slant idea which is actually quite smart!

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