Sugarloaf Western Australia

Is it Sugar Loaf or Sugarloaf, I’m still not sure. So for this post it is Sugarloaf.

Simple 3 image stitch taken a few weeks back on a recent trip south with Mr Jamie and Mr Kirk. We also met up with Mr Austin on this occasion by chance. While I took many shots at this location I am somewhat behind in the processing department, things have been pretty hectic. Over the New Year period I hope to have a good look through this trip and the images shot and process a few more for the blog and website Spool Photography


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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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9 Responses to Sugarloaf Western Australia

  1. Mel says:

    Nice crisp clean image,nice one Neal.:)

  2. Brilliant shot as per usual, Neal. I do think the top of the rock is a little dark, maybe from the use of grad filters, or a gradient added later in photoshop? Maybe this could be dodged a bit lighter… Just a suggestion.

    Keep up the good work. Always looking forward to seeing more from you.


  3. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Neal,

    I like this POV and having been to Hawaii a couple of times it actually reminds me of some spots on the North Shore funnily enough.

    Jamie Paterson

  4. yeah you need to do something about the grad going through the rock. I just about stood on a tiger snake not far from there Neal. Something to think about when walking around with your head on the scene not on the ground! I like the angle mate.

  5. Thanks Mel

    Thanks Beau – Suggestions are always good. I took your advice and lighten the top of the rock …. I should actually post that pic sometime taken at sunset on top of the Rockerfella Center in New York City … Shame they would not allow my tripod up there, weapon and all 😦

    Thanks Jamie – Hawaii 2009 = Bastard! Take me !

    Thanks Christian – I get carried away with the reverse grad sometimes, really was not needed and was the wrong filter, but we try. I have several from the morning, will do a few more stitches from this shoot, even though the wife has had enough of this Rock. Coming from Sydney she has been spoilt with rocky coastlines.
    Thanks for giving me a cold chill crawl all over my skin with the snake story !!!

  6. feralberyl says:

    As I said on Flickr i think…. I love this shot!
    The rock looks huge (as it is!) and its nice simple colours!

  7. dylanfox says:

    sorry Neal ferrylberyl is me but I didnt log out of me aunties account before typing that!

  8. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Woo Hoo snake season now we can all head out and get great shots while Neal stays at home.

  9. Thanks Dylan / Ferryberyl … Sure it is, we all know you have an alter ego, we just never figured it would be a older woman 🙂

    Thanks Jamie – Your leading every step this summer!

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