Margaret River Wines

Another early morning start, this time down at the beach rained on twice, surprise surprise. Took some captures light was ok nothing to get too excited about. So as usual after a shoot its time to scout out the evenings shoot or if I am lucky another shot in the morning. So grabbed the camera positioned it on the front seat with plenty of protection and off I go Ipod cranked to some Motley with not a sole around just myself in the cool fresh air of the morning.

I drive down a hill and then it tends to lead up to a crest in the distance, I get to the crest of the hill and BAM the light turns freakin GOLDEN and I mean FREAKIN GOLDEN …. I hit the brakes fast, grab tripod and camera in a nano second and start going crazy all the time thinking …. hmmm is CF seeing what I am seeing right now, I bet hes going nuts taking the most insane images in the best location within 100 miles. You live in a stunning part of the world CF

Well heres my effort from that moment in time when everything was near on perfect. I never had a toasted egg and cheese toastie at the time, but I did just 30 mins later with a HUGE grin on my face thinking, damn I nailed that shot, does not happen too often, but I guess you put yourself out there enough your bound to strike some nice light now and then.


7 image stitch iso 100  .3 nd on the sky to tone it down a little 70mm f/16 .03 sec

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6 Responses to Margaret River Wines

  1. It’s a great when you’re out in the field and the light just works for you… It doesn’t happen often as you said, but when it does it’s one of the best feelings!

    Haha, I was excited for you just reading your blog post!

    Great photo, btw. Any info? Stitched? If so, how many frames, etc?

  2. kirkhille says:

    stunning shot mate ,
    I was wanting to get some vine yard shots like this when i was down there last time owell next time lol
    looks like some great light

  3. The light is just amazing Neil, it’s a gorgeous incredibly bright golden glow! Must have been a spectacular moment to witness.

    Now as someone who wasn’t there to experience it so I’m judging the photo without the experience – I find that maybe I miss a subject for the photo. The light is amazing but there’s a lack of focus, my eyes keep wandering around the composition. Maybe I’m just tired and can’t control my vision 🙂

  4. i like this Neal. i like alot!
    just amazing light, well done!

  5. Thanks – Beau all info now on the post

    Thanks Kirk – Next time 🙂

    Thanks Flem it sure was nice

    Thanks Stephen – Ta muchly

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