Colours Of Australia

What you thought I would leave you with just one pic of a vineyard …..  Heres another from the previous morning. Driving round in the dark trying to find a location other than a beach. Found a handful then the decision has to be made “Where the do I stop, Where is the best place going to be, Where the hell am I and why am I here?

Well I answered all those questions pretty quick … Stop anywhere you want, they are all damn good spots, we just need good light, where am I, out having a blast and why am I here, Cause NO ONE ELSE IS! 🙂

Ok enough of the dribble, show us the pic …. 


ISO 50 9 image stitch although maybe only 8 really used 70mm f/13 o.4 sec .3 nd grad on the sky

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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11 Responses to Colours Of Australia

  1. Personally, I prefer this one over the first one. I think it’s because of the way this one is composed.

    Looks like there would be some mighty good detail in this one when it is printed.

  2. Thanks Beau – I agree, this was a set up shot that I had to wait on the light. The first one was just a very quick stop point and shoot before the light became white. I was just happy I ended up with something and really like when this happens.

  3. Clint Baker says:

    I agree with Beau mate, this is a great shot !!.. well done

  4. Thanks Clint – The next mornings light on the previous location seemed to be softer and more golden hue.

  5. very nice too!
    the vines are looking awesome.
    is this Amberly??

    the road keeps doing weird things to my eye, not sure why.
    think it’s the curve it has around the around the corner?
    why i notice something stupid like that in a fantastic shot like this i don’t know…. 😛

  6. I love this pano Neal, fantastic composition and overall aspect is spot on.
    Keep em coming.

  7. mervfrench says:

    I like them, both but this one is by far the better of the two in my opinion.

    Mate I have to say you are turning out some stunning stuff at times, some is as good as you would see anywhere. Your work is going from strength to strength , no doubt about it. I can’t say I like everyone of them but bloody hell there’s not many that don’t shape up these days, well done.

  8. Thanks Stephen – The wines looked great when I was down there, all fresh leaves which gave the greens an amazing colour, and the smell of the new growth is intoxicating.

    Thanks Peter – Glad you it. Never really shot a winery before so only comp I really know to do is the overall widescape kinda view.

    Thanks Merv – For the kind words. I’ve learnt a lot of good lessons over the past year or so photographing many different landscapes, and a few things I was doing just 6 months ago I cringe at now as I have learnt the hard way they will not work. Very much looking forward to taking the Mark II out for a spin friday evening, whole new learning curve starts again.

  9. kirkhille says:

    another great shot mate so jealous of the light you got down there looks fanatastic

  10. Thanks Kirk – 3rd times a charm 🙂

  11. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Neal,

    I love this photo mainly for the almost fisheye effect. Also looks like you got lucky with the light and the green vines look so lush. Wicked job.

    Jamie Paterson

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