Canon 5D Mark II Sample Images

Just for some fun and to get away from home renos, met up with Kirk and Jamie for a beer and a shoot of sorts. Really all I wanted to shoot was the dark and see what this puppy can do. So below are a few sample images from the night ….. a late night.

First one is ISO 400  / Second is ISO 800 / Third well I cranked the puppy up all the way to 25600 …. 
Looking forward to taking the beast of a camera out in the field, my mornings just got earlier and evenings later.

Lesson from the night … Liveview rocks when the lens cap is OFF …. DOH!


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19 Responses to Canon 5D Mark II Sample Images

  1. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    You missed the best shot of all. The self portrait. Great shots mate, I was so tempted to do that East Fremantle shot on the way home but I thought enough is enough. 🙂

    Jamie Paterson

  2. i know what you mean … A few locations now have opened up now. I’d really like to hit a graveyard one night for some long exposures under a cloudy sky. I’ll put the self port up tomorrow on this post …

  3. Martin says:

    Nice shots. It sounds like you’re having fun with your new toy 😉

    It would be interesting to see some comparative shots with the 5D and the 5DII, taken at the same time in the same location, at different ISO settings, so we can see just how much better the 5DII is at higher ISOs.

  4. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Ummmm not sure about the whole graveyard thing. Graveyards are to me what snakes are to you. lol.

  5. thomasparkes says:

    Nice mate, I like the bridge span.
    I cannot fathom how clean the ISO’s are up to 800.
    Take company with you to the graveyard after dark. Long exposures, you’ll never know what sort of ghostly figures you’ll capture.

  6. didn’t think that 25600 iso would be worth going to!!!! I took a couple of night pics last night too. Will get something up today hopefully. Love the bridge pic!

  7. Yeah the 25600 is a tad noisy but I guess it has its place, don’t know where I would use it. Going as far as 800 is pretty feasible though. having this camera makes we want to go straight back to Yosemite and try again, wouldn’t that be nice 🙂

    The bridge image kinda reminds me of the first “Star Wars” movies “77” and the opening scene.

  8. yeah that scene changed my life !!

  9. Remember the first time they showed it on TV simulcast on 96fm … We had the stereo cranked to all the speakers we could hook up, just for the first scene …. Way before surround sound, we had the freakin walls vibrating, was so cool.

  10. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Star Wars? Simulcasts? Sounds a bit before my time.

    Jamie Paterson

  11. Clint Baker says:

    WWWAAAAAAYYYY b4 my time……. haha.
    love the first shot mate…. and seeing the video footage kinda makes me want a canon………kinda

  12. mervfrench says:

    I like the bridge shot, very smooth. I have a shot much the same, i jumped in the water for it, but unfortunatly , it is not as good as that, damn it !!!!!!

    Not sure that 25600 iso would get used very often, even Noise Ninla might battle with that.

  13. only maybe a year or 2 Jamie … Clint yes way before your time, we only had 3 channels back then with 1 fm station, phones you had to dial in with your finger, and tunes came on black plastic …. good times 🙂

    yeah not sure what these camera companies go to the extreme with ISO, really don’t know where it can be used. I have thought abot getting in the River Merv for a shot facing the other way at 45 degrees so I could get the brewery in as well, but shits its the swan.

  14. nice work. this camera really can open up new possibilities for you.

    haha, it’s funny how some people say we’ve got a clean river compared to other cities. just makes you wonder how bad they are! least we don’t have bodies etc floating past. i guess after some good rain it wouldn’t be too bad getting in it for your shot. just have some pretty thick shoes on!

  15. I’m more concerned with the broken glass, you see so much along the shoreline heaven knows what’s further in.

    Used to go digging round the causeway for bloodys back when we had to ride our bikes to the causeway, not so sure I’d do the same these days.

    maybe I’m just a wuss these days

  16. Aloha,
    I’m curious what lens you are using for your Panoramics?

    thanks again!


  17. Aloha,

    Thank you so very much for sharing your great Panoramic shots you shot with the 5D2!

    I ordered my 5D2 on the day its release was announced in Sept 08. I received the first 5D2 shipped to Maui Hawaii in early December and I have been absolutely loving it! Your photos have been a real inspiration for me to get out into the beauty of Maui, by the ocean, in the jungles of the rain forest, soak myself in mosquito repellent and start shooting away!
    I’m out the door right now to shoot the sunset! May I ask what program you use to stitch your photos with?

    with warm aloha,

    Richard Marks

  18. You have some incredible locations in Maui RIchard. I would love to spend a couple of weeks there someday.

    I use either the 70-200 or 24-70 lens and do my stitching with ptgui or cs3.


    Spool Photography

  19. photographe mariage says:


    Nice pictures

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