Mindarie Marina

Well after waiting what has seemed like a lifetime for decent light, the last 2 or 3 nights have finally produced something worth getting out there again for.

This image(s) was taken well after sunset around 9.10pm. Last light was around 8.58pm and as you know the Canon 5D Mark II can see in the dark (so can the damn mozzies). I headed down to Mindarie to see what I could come up with and tried a few locations in and around the area the first of, actually 2nd last series of shots taken that evening, is posted below. More to come soon, one of which maybe my favorite capture in the metro area of Perth …. Buts thats for another post. Hey you don’t get main course before breaking bread!

Hope everyone had a good christmas and new year. I look forward to seeing and reading your blogs, so get out there and shoot, shoot and then shoot some more.

Enjoy …. I’m off to paint some more door frames….. Then off for a shoot 😉

Mindarie Marina

Ok I added anther file. Yes thats is Mr Paterson high on the hill

Dune Sunset

Ok one more … Test shot for the stitched version, just not time today. Gotta eat then go shoot some more, so you get a single image sample …. Sorry.

Sunset Storm

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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16 Responses to Mindarie Marina

  1. thomasparkes says:

    Schmicko mate.
    Very clean images indeed, Im looking forward to getting my mkii.
    Great smoothness in the 1st shot.
    I am very envious of your blending in the 2nd shot.
    The cloud in the 3rd is freaky.

    Great results.

  2. Hey Neal, good to see some new stuff from you. I haven’t been shooting much either, too bloody cold, cloudy and grey here to shoot anything.

    Marina shot: Cool clouds, I don’t quite like the composition though, doesn’t really work for me. a bit too all over the place, lacks a subject.

    Dune sunset: Looks very nice, like it! It appears the horizon IS a bit on the weird side down under 🙂 I guess it’s a wide angle curve. Dunes are gorgeous with that soft light.

    Beach: Very nice menacing clouds!!! Composition I reckon could be stronger. Maybe get down low and point camera up at that wild sky!

    Just my feedback, a few suggestions, look forward to seeing more new work!

  3. I’ve been waiting for something new from you, and now 3 in one post. Haha, nice! The texture of the sky in the third image is gorgeous and also the contrasting bright foreground… Looking forward to the final version..

  4. kirkhille says:

    Great shots mate really like the second image. very different POV

  5. Michael says:


    Def like the 2nd image best of all.

  6. Yep number two is my fave. really nice light an comp.

  7. jamiepatersonphotography says:

    Hi Neal,

    I think No 2 is a killer shot. Almost feels like I’m down south when looking at this photo.

    Jamie Paterson

  8. 2nd one is very nice Neal.
    great to see you got some nice light.

    love the clouds in the 3rd! the lines and depth in them really pop at you. so close to 3D! not bad for a “test” as you call it :-p

  9. Clint Baker says:

    i would agree with everyone mate that dune sunset is amazing!!! u must be loving the new camera!!… whens the next shoot???

  10. Thanks Thomas – Still learning how to use the mark II. Few little things I need to be more accustomed to.

    Thanks Flem – I have been asked for the Marina shot, would rather photograph something else, you know how it is. 2nd image is the horizon, thinking about a reshoot not 100% happy with it. I have a whole other series of the 3rd, just threw up a quick single frame, no processing, just grads and of course sharpening for the web.

    Thanks Beau – I like the 3rd myself, just have to find time to do a stitched version.

    Thanks Kirk – I was scared of the snake factor, but over came it.

    Thanks Michael

    Thanks Peter

    Thanks Jamie – Could be better, just need to clone you out 😉 and better POV. Its all a learning game every time i pick the camera up. One of the reasons I like to shoot, always something different and challenging all the while in nature, how much better can it get …. Oh yeah I could take my pod and blast a little Van Halen and eat cold pizza while on shoots.

    Thanks Stephen – 3rd image stitch coming soon.

    Thanks Clint – Maybe never, now your back in town ( there goes the light) … Just kidding, this evening if I see clouds form anywhere within striking distance. I’d like to shoot 150 days a year, thats the goal, wlll I get there, i’ll be trying.

  11. Luke Austin says:

    Great shots Neal, really like the feel to the second one and looking forward to the final stitch of the third image.

  12. Clint Baker says:

    hahaha yer 150 days a year wold be nice…. well i might see u out and about tonight

  13. Would of liked to head out to the river this evening Clint, just took a look outside and its nothing but blue skies out there.

  14. Clint Baker says:

    hey sorry didnt get bak to ya… yeah wasnt much out there last night was hoping to shoot the Decoy but yer no clouds

  15. Ely Meyer says:

    beautiful pics 🙂

  16. mattlauder says:

    Really like the Dune sunset Neil. Great composition. I found some of my really wide angle panoramics also have a slight curve on the horizon as well. Almost like a noblex film camera effect.

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