Bunker Bay Dawn

On a recent trip to Western Australia’s South West Region I found myself yet again in the pitch black fingers crossed for a killer sunrise. I could tell there was some light cloud up high in the atmosphere but never thought the sunrise would produce the colours it did. Glad I woke up that morning before the alarm otherwise I may of missed it.

Print available at Spoolphotography.com



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7 Responses to Bunker Bay Dawn

  1. Very nice, Neal. Loving those colours!!

  2. thomasparkes says:

    Very Classy, love that sky.

  3. kirkhille says:

    great shot neal ,
    Renember that sunrise had really great colors didnt last long but

  4. Faaaantastic sunrise, must have been beautiful! Love the pano, bit too much white space at the bottom for me, would set the horizon at bottom 2/3 and crop.

  5. absolutely love the waters edge Neal!!

  6. Thanks Beau

    Thanks Thomas

    Thanks Kirk

    Thanks Flem – Maybe a touch too much sand in the foreground, but the sky was not very wide so I could not go higher without getting some boring dark sky and I wanted to make sure I had some of the rock filling the width of the frame. I have a series a few feet back with the rock to the right of the frame fully in the shot but that series does nothing for me. This image is the best of the bunch. Nature has a way of determining what we take, with so many times forcing our hand to take what it dictates, thats one of the reasons I love this type of photography, I only have so much control.

    Thanks Stephen – Thats what drew me to take this image. I was watching the water reflection as the surf receded and tried to capture a horizontal pano, but next to near impossible to stitch I tried, so s a safe guard to took a vertical series as well.

  7. Neal, that’s interesting so you’re framing for a fairly fixed 3:1 aspect ratio? I meant simply crop it as it is, loose some of the height. I tend to crop every single photo on it’s own, with everything from a square crop to 4:1. But interesting if you work completely different, that would certainly dictate your composition a bit sometimes.

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