Western Australian Farms

With all this gorgeous light we have had of late, I took a long ass drive over the weekend 180 degrees from a beach. The local beaches are just boring me to death at present and with the nightly build up of clouds I was not going to play it safe again. Time to hit some rural Western Australia locations and see what one can muster up for the landscape portfolio.

Here is an image taken before sunset between heavy showers and the promise of lightning. I have around 290 shots taken from the weekends travels so fingers crossed there is another one or two from the outings effort, if not still pretty happy to come away with this shot after 14 hours of driving and scouting … The things we do, I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂


9 image stitch at 70mm

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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17 Responses to Western Australian Farms

  1. osmojoe says:

    That is one spectacular scene…wow. The sky is so dramatic, love it!

  2. Fantastic Neal. It’s nice to see something a little different… I’m getting a little tired of shooting beachscapes as well… I think it’s time to head back into the rainforest 🙂

  3. Tony Middleton says:

    fantastic rural scene Neal ! Love the light,tones and sky ! Congrats on turning your back on those seascapes.

  4. kirkhille says:

    Stunning shot mate , love the light
    Cant see any sheep in this paddock but 🙂

  5. Thanks Osmojoe

    Thanks Beau … Rainforest, you son of a *&^% 🙂

    Thanks Tony …. Theres only so much you can shoot my local beaches.

    Thanks Kirk – BBQ’ed them all 😉

  6. Christian says:

    yep need to get some sheep in your pics mate, love the light too. Looks like around York and Toodyay, would that be right?

  7. michaelolive says:

    Nice shot Neal, love the sky and the lighting. Great to see some rural shots of WA, surely it can’t all just be beautiful beaches over there!

  8. Thanks Christian – I have one of cows ( they have more meat ) as soon as I set up the shot of the cows they all came towards me, then ran off in a hurry, I swear I was not carrying my portable grill and charcoal either. Moments later it came down buckets of rain … I took their warning of impending rain and jumped back into the car ..

    Thanks Michael _ the best beaches are down round CF’s location ….

  9. mervfrench says:

    Nice shot Neil, good to see you out and about with something different and I can see how you’d get a bit bored with the beaches all the time, but then above is what I see most of the time and that can get a bit boring at times. This is certainly around the Avon Valley somewhere.

    The best beaches and coastline are where you find them I think. There’s some pretty neat spots heading north as well. Spectacular coastline around Quobba and then up to Steep Point and beyond, good beaches and secluded…perfect.

  10. This would probably be my favourite of all your shots Neal, I really love this very much. It’s no secret I love the outback and bush 🙂
    The lines of the hills and the golden grass looks just great contrasted with the dramatic sky.

    I hope more Perth photographers will follow your example and let the beach be for a bit and head inland for some farm and rural shots!

  11. Cain Doherty says:

    so did it rain and cover your car in red dirt? awesome mood in this Neal

  12. Thanks Merv …. Yeah its just the local beaches round here and pretty much zero features to photograph.

    Thanks Flem – I knew this one may reach that sweet spot with you ….

    Thanks Cain – Covered in red mud, just cleaned this morning …

  13. Nice shot neal! my kinda shot, love the outback scenes.

  14. mattlauder says:

    Great country scene Neil… shooting in the country makes for a nice change than seascapes. Rain on red dirt is the best smell.

  15. thomasparkes says:

    Classy shot mate, nice and simplistic.

  16. Vanessa Nguyen says:

    Can you print your “accidents can happen” photo on a canvus? How much will that be and do you have a store?

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