Gotch Ya :)

Had to do it sorry. folk if we may of upset any April Fools, we had a lot of fun with some classic emails messages etc. Now the bar has been set we expect you guys to raise it next year …

Maybe one day there will be a gallery that can rotate photographers work through it and maybe I will one day open a galley although that looks more likely with each day passing to happen on the East Coast of Australia or the US …

April fools! 1st April

1985 The day David Lee Roth ROCKED the Hard Rock World with his walking away from Van Halen at there peak, and it was no April Fools Prank either …. Some of us are still feeling the effects of that day.

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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8 Responses to Gotch Ya :)

  1. kirkhille says:

    nice april fools joke you had me

  2. mervfrench says:

    Yep ..had me as well.
    I started to think about a bit later on and a few things didn’t quite add up then it hit me that is was more than likely a joke , but it still had me for a while …well done,

  3. Cain Doherty says:

    hahahahahaha! It was so well orchestrated…

  4. Clint Baker says:

    well u had me hook line and sinker!!!!…… SHIT!

  5. Christian says:

    Neal you are so mean, lets get em even better next year!!

  6. @ CF I know, but damn it was a lot of fun EVIL GRIN 😉

    @ Kirk – good and proper although there was two others we really had fun with.

    @ Merv – I was surprised actually Merv we reeled you in as well.

    @ Cain – Next time beware 🙂

    @ Clint – GOTCH YA!

  7. VAN HALEN, Now thats a real band, remember that event well. Did he really just walk away ?

  8. Pete I’ll post a short summary for you.

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