Spool Photography Joins Forces With Christian Fletcher

Two of Western Australia’s finest exponents of landscape photography Spool Photography and Christian Fletcher join forces with showcase gallery opening late April in Subiaco. Details of the opening night celebrations and address will be forthcoming.
Spool Photography Joins Christian Fletcher
Neal “As we have been working on this gallery for some months now we are extremely proud and excitied to bring our collective talents together for the first time, working with Christian has been such an education and I proud and very excited about the opportunities this project will deliver, its only the start of what we have planned”

Christian “Working with a new emerging talent was inspiring and rejuvenating, after many years in the game it was a bold fresh approach I am very excited to be part of”


About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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4 Responses to Spool Photography Joins Forces With Christian Fletcher

  1. kirk hille says:

    Sound great Neal ,
    Cant wait to see the Gallery
    Will definatly keep the opening night free

  2. Sounds very cool and congrats, but is this April 1st fun or for real?? 🙂

  3. dylanfox says:

    I cant wait mate!
    This will hopefully open some great new doors to better expose your talent!

  4. matthewinman says:

    Is this an April Fools thingy or are you serious? Have to wait a few weeks no doubt.

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